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Worldwide Innovative Ideas To Promote Prevention For Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus has put life on hold for millions of residents with no clear end in sight. In many countries, either government, celebrities or artists are finding ways to sneak some positivity among people with some creativity like murals, artworks, music, banners or some artifacts inspired by the pandemic.
This amazing sculpture art was created by James Colomina in Switzerland to promote importance of mask.
 In Amsterdam someone have painted this “Super Nurse” as an ode to all healthcare professionals around the world.
An image of Britin's Queen Elizabeth II and quotes from her historic television broadcast commenting on the coronavirus pandemic are displayed on a big screen at Piccadilly Circus in London.
A mural by Street Artists Linoel Stanhope with a face mask reference to coronavirus painted on a bridge wall in Ladywell, London.
Mexico is trying a novel approach to promote coronavirus health advice through Superhero Susana Distancia, whose name means "a healthy distance". 

Susana Distancia - Mexican Superhero

She appears in a public health video in a see-through bubble wearing blue and pink clothes, reminding people to keep a safe distance of 2 meters to stop the spread of coronavirus in the country.
In Houston city, USA, graffiti artist DUAL is created a few of the new pieces related to coronavirus pandemic. You may have spotted around town. This is one of his art giving message of imoprtance of washing hands frequently.
In streets of Mumbai, India, Tyler Street Art created this beautiful graffiti. A spiritual touch is given to promote coronavirus safety.
Our Guardian Angel -  A tribute to health workers by Spanish artist Tvboy in Barcelona.
Another art from Tvboy in Barcelona, Spain
Amazing street art by Welinoo in Copenhagen, Denmark.
A street art by Tombobnyc in the streets of New York is giving clear message of socail distancing. "Better to be 6 feet apart than 6 feet under"
This Mural is drawn by Warsaw in Poland to applause ans support health workers. Translation: Not every hero wears a cape. Thank you!
This is created by Pobel in Bryne, Norway. This piece can be a positive contribution in giving message of be safe and take care of one another.”
Graffiti from Artist 'Teachr1' in Los Angeles, USA.
Another creation by Artist Teachr1 on some circuit box to promote importance of wash hands in LA, USA.
This art from India express gratitude to all Health Workers. Country is safe due to these fronliners.
Indian Police draw large graffiti of Coronavirus at all traffic junctions urging people to maintain nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 in Banglore. Message of 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' promoted very aggressively by Indian Government.

Spider-Man Wearing Mask

This innovative creation of Spiderman wearing Mask is done by street artist Uzey in Hamm, Germany.

Superwoman by Uzey

Street Artist is a amazing creator of Germany. This is his another magnificent graffiti on the walls of Hamm. This art shows a nurse as a Superwoman. The letter in German language means, "for the real heroes".

EME Freethinker, Berlin, Germany

This brilliant idea is invented by an artist Toska11 in Brighton, UK
"Dont Be Afraid"..... corona street art by Xamoosh in Tehran, Iran.

Ponywave, Los Angeles

Artist shown a couple kissing each other with a floral mask on their face, Her he wants to give beautiful message that, 'Maybe we should take a look around and start respect each other, start respect our planet and all those with whom we share it?'
This is one of best graffiti created by Eduardo Kobra in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Coronavirus does not see any religions. This is a attack on Humanity. So let united together and fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Rebel Bear, Glasgow, UK

We are stuck up with the chain of coronavirus pandemic. Its very important to break this chain. Otherwise we all be in danger.

Tvboy, Barcelona, Spain