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What To Know Before You Visit Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore

The Mangaladevi Temple is a Hindu temple at Bolara in the city of Manglore, Karnataka, India. Mangaladevi is a form of Hindu Goddess Shakti. Name of Mangalore city is named after Mangaladevi. The temple is of significant antiquity and is believed to have been built by Parshurama. Mostly wood is used to built temple.
When Machindranath and Goraknath (Nathpanthi Saints) came to Mangalore and met Kundavarman, the most famous king of the Alupa Dynasty. They took King to a place where Parshurama built Managaladevi temple. Under their guidence, King dig the place and relieve the lingam & the dharapatra symbolising Mangaladevi and installed them in a shrine along with Nagraja.
On the day of Dasara, the decorated goddess is mounted on a chariot and the grand procession moves to Marnamikatte, where the god Mangaladevi & Shamivriksha are worshiped. The devotees believe that the worship of the goddess brings them prosperity and happiness. Travelling to the ancient city of Mangalore will not be complete without a visit to this temple.
Chariot, Sri Mangaladevi Temple.
Navaratri is celebrated with great devotion and special poojas offered on all nine days. Goddess Mangaladevi is worshipped as Sharadamba on 7th day and as Maarikamba on the 8th day. The Aayuda pooja is performed on 8th day by worshipping all the weapons. On the 9th day, a large number of devotees participates in the Rathothsava.
Rathotsava of Mangaladevi is famous attraction and magnificent to see. Most of the Mangalorian visits this festival. The face of Goddess Mangaladevi is covered with a saffron cloth before ritual starts in Rathotasav. Then at particular Muhurta, they remove cloth and start ritual.

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Ritual before Rathotsava Starts.