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What to Know Before You Go To Bedse Caves?

Ancient Buddhist Bedse Caves are a group of Buddhist rock-cut monuments situated in Maval taluka, Pune District, Maharashtra, India. The history of the caves can be traced back to the Satavahana period in the 1st century BCE. Hinayana Buddhists joined hands to form these caves.
Bedse Caves have two main caves. The best known cave is the chaitya (prayer hall ) with a large stupa, the other cave is the Vihara (monastery). Outside there is one small stupa.
Main cave of Bedse Caves is Chaitya (Pryer Hall)
Chaitya (Pryer Hall) of Bedse Caves with a comparatively large Stupa, is reached by a long narrow passage into the rock. The chaitya hall itself has little decoration, with plain octagonal columns. The decorative ribs on the roof, which in other chaityas are stone replicating wooden architecture, were actual wood here, and have been lost.
The front verandah has four very elaborate columns with capitals of pairs of animals and riders of "solemn grandeur". These are enriched with Beautiful sculptures
Beautiful sculptures having depiction of animals and dancing postures are seen in entrance columns of Bedse Caves.
Beside these the side walls are covered with low-relief Gavakshas and latticework representing architectural railings.
Main entry of Chaitya (Prayer Hall) in Bedse Caves, have 3 decorative arched doors, one of which is closed with stone net. These doors have geometrical shaped stone carving in arch form.
Floral Carving over chaitya doorway in Bedse Caves
Chaitya of Bedse Caves have comparitively large stupa
Low-relief Gavakshas and Latticework
There is also a small stupa outside to the right of the main caves of Bedse Caves.
Entrance of one of Vihara (a Buddhist temple or monastery) at Cave No. 11 in Bedse Caves.
The vihara has a rather unusual form, with a main chamber shaped somewhat like a chaitya, with a rectangular plan with a rounded apsidal far end, and a vaulted roof. This is now open to the outside, but presumably originally had a wooden screen.
Around the chamber are nine doors to cells, each with a relief chaitya-arch surround.
Friezes with railing patterns run round the room at two levels.
One of door in Vihara of Ancient Buddhist Bedse Caves near Pune
Glimpses of Bedse Caves.
Glimpses of Ancient Buddhist Bedse Caves - Capital of a column above the main entrance which has pairs of animals and riders of "solemn grandeur".
One of ornamental pattern carved on wall of Bedase Caves
Octagonal Column of Chaitya in Bedse Caves has mysterios symbols, mandala etc.
An easy hike through 400 steps leads to the Bedse Caves. 
Beautiful View of Sahyadri Ranges (Western Ghats) from Vihara. Bedse Caves is wonderful one day trip near Pune and Mumbai.