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Travel Guide To Best Place In San Jose

San Jose called as "Capital of Silicon Valley". Imagine living in a city that is surrounded by hill in Silicon Valley, that's it my friend you are in San Jose. With being surrounded by nature this global city is also famous as a center of innovation, for its affluence, Mediterranean climate, and extremely high cost of living.
Winchester Mystery House
Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California built in 1884 is said to be haunted since then. The house was personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of firearm magnate William Wirt WInchester. The house is now served as a tourist attraction, and is very famous for its haunted stories. 
Alum Rock Park is the oldest municipal park in San Jose. The park is situated on the foothills of Diablo Range in a valley, this valley is very famous for abundant mineral springs.

Alum Rock Park

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

is a cultural institution serving children, families, and schools. Various activities are carried out here for children under ten years and their families, that emphasize hands-on, experience and inquiry- based learning. 
Downtown San Jose
The largest tech cluster in Silicon Valley, is the Downtown San Jose. Everyone's definition of vacation is different, if you like city's rush and life you have the Downtown San Jose. Place know for its bustling beer bars and cocktail haunts, as well as theaters showing Broadway shows. You want a fancy restaurant or just a casual cafe you have it. .

Munising Falls

Is located in the Munising in the Pctiured Rocks National Lakeshore. You reach the waterfall by crossing a easy paved paths, you are also treated with very beautiful views along forest canopy.
Japantown, San Jose, California.
Japantown in San Jose is  historic residential, commercial, and cultural district. This place got developed from a site where Japanese immigrants first settled. Here you get to see dynamic dining scene, eateries serving regional Japanese fare and even Japanese-American and Hawaiian diners.

Mission Peak

Mount Hamilton

 is a mountain located in California's Diablo Range, Santa Clara County, California. The very famous Lick observatory is on this mountain top.

Mountain Winery, San Jose

Mountain Winery was founded by the pioneer of the California wine industry, Mr Paul Masson. This winery became famous for its slogan from a commercial. You would feel amazing as the atmosphere here is on point, good service and most important stunning wine.
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is located at Rosicrucian Park neighborhood of San Jose, California. The museum is dedicated to Ancient Egypt and has the largest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the Western United States.
San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
San Jose Museum of Art
San Jose Museum of Art is in downtown San Jose, California, United States. This art museum hosts a large permanent collection of West Coast artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. The museum collection is more than 2,000 works in a variety of media, including sculpture, paintings ,prints, digital media,photos and drawing by different artists.
Shoreline Lake Park