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Travel Guide For Visit To Arizona State Capitol Museum

Arizona State Capitol is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Before 1912, it was home to Arizona's Territorial Government. When Arizona became state, government occupied all floors of this statehouse. As state expands, all government branches relocated and statehouse became Arizona Capitol Museum with a focus on the history and culture of Arizona.
The construction of Arizona State Capitol Museum completed in 1900 and became state home of territorial government of Arizona in 1901. This became the actual state capitol building in 1912, when Arizona became the 48th state of USA. The Governor's Office was located here. As the state expanded the branches relocated to adjacent buildings and additions.
The "Winged Victory" statue has been on top of the Arizona Capitol copper dome since 1901 known by several name such as Goddess of Victory, Statue of Justice. The zinc Goddess was cost in Ohio and was purchased specifically to adorn the territorial government building. This 17 foot tall sculpture is one of the icon of Arizona state.
Arizona Army National Guard Soldier stands guard over Sen. John McCain’s casket while he lays in state there. The Arizona National Guard Military Honors platoon provided dignified transfers of the senator’s remains to and from the capitol building and facilitated his dignified transfer at the Barry Goldwater Arizona Air National Guard base. 
Round shaped skylight from topmost copper dome of Arizona State Capitol Rotunda. 17 feet tall white winged victory statue is placed above this dome.
The museum is open to the public, but it is highly utilized by local schools for educational purposes.
The Arizona State Capitol Museum has 4 floors. Main floor exhibits items salvaged from the USS Arizona after the Pearl Harbor attack, Arizona's state symbols, and fascinating exhibit about the Merci Train (Gratitude Train). You can see a display of the gift items received from France after WWII at the Merci Train exhibit.
On 2nd floor, you can see artwork from the Arizona Capitol Museum collection, glimpses of offices of governor, secretory of state and mining inspector.  Third floor exhibits territorial Arizona and information about people of Arizona. Fourth floor is a view point gallery.