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Top Things To See And Do In Springfield, Illinois, USA

Explore the historic capital of Illinois connected with the memories of the most famous President Abraham Lincoln.
Lincoln Home
Take a 20-25 minute tour in the residence of the most famous President of USA, Abraham Lincoln who lived there from 1844 to 1861. The 12-room house has beautifully preserved the appearance and construction of the 19th century.
Dana Thomas House
Visit the Dana–Thomas House constructed in Grassland School style that was designed by the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1902 for patron Susan Lawrence Dana.
The historic and beautiful 35-room home contains the largest collection of original Wright art glass and furniture.
Visit the historic Lincoln Tomb, the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln in the Oak Ridge Cemetery. It was designated as the National Historic Landmark in 1960. Walking around the monument and then going inside the tomb will give you a peaceful and earnest experience.
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Old State Capitol
The fifth capitol building that served as the statehouse from 1840 to 1876. Although the building is reconstructed, it still preserves its historical value. You will be amazed by the incredible art and architecture of the building.
Lincoln Memorial Garden
Lincoln Memorial Garden is the most beautiful woodland and prairie garden with trails, bridges, and a pond.
It is so peaceful and lovely place for meditation in the company of nature. You will enjoy hiking or sitting in this place to get relief from the daily chaos.
Washington Park
Visit this one of the historic parks in Springfield which is loaded with beautiful walking trails, a botanical garden, a rose garden, a large duck pond, and a carillon. A perfect place for a picnic with friends and family.
Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon
The 132-feet Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon is a unique tower in Washington Park that is a great attraction for tourists. Built from concrete, brick, and steel, the tower also features a bronze bell producing beautiful music.
Adams Wildlife Sanctuary
Adams Wildlife Sanctuary is a treat for wildlife lovers. The wonderful place is adorned with nice walking trails and a good display of wildlife. You will enjoy bird-watching or just sitting there in the company of nature.
Lake Springfield
Nature-lovers should not miss out on this wonderful place with hiking trails with a pleasant view of the clean lake. A boathouse, marinas, and a nice park also make the Lake Springfield a good touring place to savor some tranquil moments.
Southwind Park
This is also one of the most visited tourist attractions. It has beautiful gardens, children’s playgrounds, a lake, and sports activities. So, this is one of the best picnic spots for family and friends.
Henson Robinson Zoo
Animal lovers must visit this zoo that houses over 80 species of native and foreign animals with naturalistic displays.
The zoo includes species such as African Penguins, Red Wolves, African Painted Dogs, American Black Bears, Cougars, Spider Monkeys, Lemurs, Langurs, Boa Constrictor, Naked Mole Rats, and many more.
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
The historians who are curious to know about Abraham Lincoln’s life must visit the most popular Presidential library and museum named after him.
The millions of documents, photographs, and artifacts reveal the story of the 16th President’s life and the course of the American Civil War.
With the treasure of several historic sites associated with Abraham Lincoln and the nature centers and Zoos, Springfield has become the most visited tourist destination. If you are a historian and a nature lover, this is one of the best places to plan your next vacation.