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Top Things To See And Do In Poland, Europe

Explore and witness the historical, natural, and modern culture of Poland.
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Visit this Polish Historic Monument that boasts having the mines and intricate passageways, displays of historic salt-mining technology, an underground lake, four preserves, and massive statues carved out of the rock salt and the sculptures made by contemporary artists.
Lazienki Park
Situated in the capital Warsaw, Lazienki Park is a Royal Baths Park is famous for the Palace on the Island. The park is a home to music, arts, and culture. Visit the stunning palaces, villas, gardens, and monuments.
The Cloth Hall
Visit the historic building located in the center of the Kraków Old Town. The Cloth Hall has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and reveals the history from the 14th century. It also forms the market hall with various stalls and Polish art museum.
St. Mary's Basilica
Witness the Polish Gothic architecture by visiting a Brick Gothic church, Saint Mary’s Basilica that is located adjacent to the Main Market Square in Kraków.
The 14th-century architecture includes a fabulously carved wooden altarpiece, pentaptych made by Veit Stoss.
Malbork Castle
Visit the world's largest brick castle from the 13th-century. The classic medieval Teutonic castle is a symbol of power and cultural tradition. It is the largest castle in the world and is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Plaża Miejska
Do you love water sports? Visit this city beach on Ukiel Lake that features sports such as swimming, kayaking, sailing, and volleyball.
The dock also has restaurants where foodies can enjoy many delicious dishes like Pierogi, Polish pancakes, and many others.
Wolin National Park
Wolin National Park is one of the twenty-three National Parks in Poland. The Park contains varied wildlife and migrating birds.
Its attractions include the sea cliffs of Gosań and Kawcza Góra to enjoy spectacular views of beaches, lakes, and forests. You can also visit a European bison sanctuary.
Międzyzdroje Pier
Visit the 395 meters long pier stretching out into the Baltic Sea from the beach in Międzyzdroje. The pier also functions as a marina with scenic views of the sea.
Gdynia Orłowo Pier
This pier is another attraction in Poland. It is a 590-feet long wooden pier located in the coastal region of Gdynia. You can enjoy picturesque views of water and beach sitting on the benches on this pier.
Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów
Visit this most important historic monument located in the Wilanów district. The Royal Palace's museum houses a repository of the country's royal and artistic heritage. The palace boasts around 3 million visitors in a year.
Brest Fortress
Historians must visit this 19th-century fortress in Brest in Belarus. In 1965 the title "Hero Fortress" was given to the fortress to honor the defense of the frontier stronghold during World War II. It features a museum and a concrete memorial statue.
Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK
Are you an art enthusiast? Then you would like to see contemporary art and artists from the last two decades in this amazing museum that houses a contemporary art gallery. It also has a library, bookshop, café, and contemporary art conservation laboratory.
Białowieża Forest
If lush green forests and wildlife fascinate you then do not miss this one of the last ancient woodlands in Europe. Enjoy watching numerous European bison in this forest.
Many walking and cycling trails with the beautiful scented trees and birds chirping in the background offer a peaceful and tranquil environment.
The Valley of Five Polish Ponds
While walking through the Tatra mountain paths, you will see the Valley blessed with the five alluring water reservoirs, namely, The Great Polish Pond, Black Polish Pond, The Little Polish Pond, the Foremost Polish Pond, and The Rearmost Polish Pond.
As the lakes are surrounded by several peaks and ridges, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the lakes.
You must not miss out on this most famous Lake District in Poland containing over 2,000 lakes. Masuria is blessed with beautiful scenic places around the lakes connected by small rivers and charming canals. You can also enjoy water sports, horse riding, canoe trips, and fishing.
Some Famous Towns in Poland
The capital city of Poland is loaded with palaces, churches, and mansions.
This is the largest and oldest city in Poland. It represents the Polish cultural and artistic life.
Situated on the Baltic coast, Gdansk is an important seaport and forms the country’s fourth-largest metropolitan city.
Wroclaw is the historical and global city that is the only Polish city recognized as the city growing at the business center
Situated at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane city is popular for mountaineering, skiing, and tourism.