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Top Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

If you are someone who has an eye for historic and imperial sights, love to explore new destinations & new cultures, and have a gala time; then Vienna is the best place for you!
Vienna is the national capital and the largest city among the nine states of Austria. It is rich in culture, economy and known to be a political centre with the most population.
Along with history, it has several other fun treasures to offer to every kind of traveler. It is known for its cozy coffee houses, impressive imperial sights and most importantly, their well-kept historical garden and nice wine taverns. Here are the top things to explore and experience in this city.
Take a walk in Vienna
The first thing to do is to join a walking tour around the beautiful streets like a local! There are several free tours as well as paid private tours available in the city. These are about 2 hours long and help you settle and explore the most popular sites!
Visit the St Stephen’s Cathedral
This monolithic structure stands proud in Stephansplatz. It has been the most important church and is famous for its tallest church tower in the country .
From Romanesque and Gothic design on the exterior, the dominating pointed tower, to the intricate pattern of the roof with hundreds of colored tiles; every detail attracts the eyes of the art lovers! There are a total of 18 altars, several smaller chapels, and a few tombs and catacombs inside.
Tour the State Opera
Located centrally in the Innere Stadt district, this place offers a combination of Opera and fine architecture in abundance.
It looks like a Palace with Neo-Renaissance style exteriors and arched windows. You can book online for a 40 minute guided tour. There are several live concerts like the Mozart Concert at the Golden Hall or the Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at Karlkirche.
Explore the Rathaus
Located on Rathausplatz, Rathaus is one of the tallest and boasts of Neo-Gothic style. It was built in the 1800s to accommodate the offices of the mayor. It has five towers. Out of which, the center being the largest and has the iconic Rathausman statue on the top.
Schönbrunn Palace
Built in the 1600’s, this palace is a cultural heritage located in the outskirts of Austria. The Palace is a conglomeration of fully furnished rooms that let you experience the Austrian royalty.
It is designed in a Baroque style with a symmetrical main building with plenty of windows and statues on the rooftop. The main attraction is its colossal 1441 room structure and complex. Several emperors of Austria have stayed here.
It also has exceptional gardens in its complex. You can take a walk through the Parterre and admire the flower beds, wander in the hedge maze and labyrinth; The stone statues, Neptune’s fountain and artificial Roman Ruin are the best sights for art lovers.
Hofburg Palace
It is another huge palatial complex belongs tp the Habsburg dynasty. It was the main winter palace fo.  the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today it is is home to offices of the president of Austria. One must not miss the beauty and style of the baroque architecture
Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Vienna Zoo)
This is the oldest zoo in the world and it houses almost 700 species! It is located in the grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace.
Animals like Pandas, Giraffes, Sea Lions, African Elephants, Siberian Tigers, and Sloths can be seen here. Also, there's a simulated Amazon rainforest environment to walk through. It is definitely one of the best kept zoos!
The place is divided in two parts; the Upper Belvedere that displays detailed green domed semi-tower exteriors, and simpler designs in the Lower Belvedere.
Belvedere Palace and Museum
The gardens are adorned with expansive landscapes, pools, and an Orangery.
The museum holds a staggering collection of artwork and decorated staterooms.
Vienna Natural History Museum
It is one of the most important museum in Europe with more than 30 million objects. It has a huge collection of minerals, precious stones, meteorites, fossils, skeletons of animals, displays of various insects and mammals.
Prater Theme Park
If you need a break from the history and culture, you can plan a fun filled day at the Prater Amusement Park. There are a variety of stalls and rides like huge Ferris wheels, bumper cars, carousels, and spooky rollercoasters.
You’ll also find shooting ranges, a wax works display, and a light gauge railway that keep you engaged. If you’re hungry, you can find several restaurants and cafes in the park to fill your tummies and energise for the fun filled rides!
At 252m, the viewing tower in Donaustadt districtis one of the tallest 75 free-standing towers in the world.
It offers a magnificent view with an observation platform and two revolving restaurants. It also has a bungee jumping gangway to make you feel alive and ecstatic.
The Spanish Riding School
It is one of the topmost school in the world built in the Habsburg Monarchy. This institute gives training horses in the art of dressage
Palmenhaus- The grandest greenhouse you'll see! You can also have a memorable lunch/dinner here!
Vienna Woods
It is a beautiful Austrian countryside at the foothills of the Northern Limestone Alps. It is best half day tour where one can enjoy underground boat rides, Hunting Lodges and small villages
Last but not the least, food and wine!
Opened in 1876, Café Central is the epitome of a Viennese Kaffeehaus. Try their yummiest cakes, pancakes, and custard-filled Cremechnitte.
You’ll find everything all kinds of food items in the open-air Naschmarkt, which was built in the 16th century.
Don’t miss Sachertorte, Vienna’s signature cake! It’s a delicious combo of dark chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge, and apricot jam.
Try a sausage at one of the city’s Würstelstand, a sausage kisosk!
There are 700 hectares of vines within Vienna! Austrian wines are famous for their fruity and fresh taste. You should enroll for a tasting tour like the Weingut Cobenzl tasting tour.