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Top Things To Do And See In Athens, Greece

The cradle of civilization, Athens, is a great place to visit for history enthusiasts! With several Doric and Ionic statues, temples, museums and figurines to visit, there won't be a dull day, when in Athens.

Visit the Parthenon

The former temple dedicated to Goddess Athena Parthenos now stands as a restoration site with scaffolding holding up few columns. Most of the artefacts from the site are moved to the Acropolis museum.

Parthenon, Athens

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Enjoy a Stroll at the National Gardens

With over 16 hectares of gravel paths, few ponds and a small zoo with peacocks, chickens and Greek goats, the place is worth a visit with your kids.

Admire Art at the Museum of Cycladic Art

A collection of over 3000 artifacts of ancient Greek, Cycladic and Cypriot origin dating back from 3000 BC to 4th century BC, the museum also has some unique collections from the Bronze Age.

Visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus

Though most of the 2nd Century AD temple has been destroyed, whatever remains at the site talks of the glory of the temple! With 15 columns of the original 104 columns remaining at the site, this temple is worth visiting.

Erechtheum: Temple of Athena

Shop at the Monastiraki Market

One of the oldest areas of Athens, the Monastiraki neighbourhood is bustling with rooftop bars, marketplaces and few ancient landmarks. The flea market is packed with shops selling antiques, handicrafts and jewellery!

Watch a Movie at Cine Paris

Get a striking view of Athens while watching a movie at the outdoor film venue, Cine Paris, where you can catch an old Greek or foreign classic movies.

Visit the Kapnikarea Church

Kapnikarea's newly done interiors (in the mid-20th century) by painter Photis Kontoglou, are quite spectacular. You can get a hang of the old interiors from the sculpted column capitals and church's friezes!