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Top Things To Do And Must Visit Places In San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a major city in south-central Texas with a rich colonial heritage. San Antonio is a wonderful city for sightseeing. Take a cruise or walk along the River Walk, Spend some time in the Almo and History Missions. Your itinerary is not compelted without SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Gardens, Zoo, bustling art scene and beautiful restaurants.
San Antonio is the 7th most populous city in the USA. Founded as a Spanish mission and colonial outpost in 1718, the city became the first chartered civil settlement in present-day Texas in 1731. The area was still part of the Spanish Empire, and later of the Mexican Republic. It is a vibrant metropolis rich in culture & a source of immense pride for Texans.
The River Walk, also known as Paseo del Rio, is an area 20 feet below street level of town defined by the San Antonio River lined with shops, restaurants, picturesque urban gardens, and more. Take a walk along the stone pathways or take river taxis or cruise to gaze at the beautiful architecture that surrounds them.

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Take a walk or river cruise along San Antonio Riverwalk
The Alamo is one of the most important historical sites in the US and a must-see attraction of San Antonio. The Alamo was part of the mission station established here, its church built by Franciscans in 1744.  One of the famous battle of US history, the Battle of the Alamo, played out here. Alamo City Ghost Tours will immerse you in paranormal activity.

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The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

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Spectacular skyline of dazzling San Antonio
San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a National Historical Park and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site preserving four of the five Spanish frontier missions in San Antonio.

Mission Concepción

These missions formed part of a colonization system that stretched across the Spanish Southwest. The missions are located  in National Historical Part as follows: Mission Concepción, Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada.

Mission San José

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a theme park features seven distinct, themed areas within the park, with lots of rides and varying thrill levels and a water park has fun and entertainment for everyone. Famous rides are Ferris wheels, bumper cars, water slides, and wave pools, 4D Free Fly Coaster BATMAN and many more.
Falls at Six Flags Fiesta, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Brackenridge Park is beautiful public park includes the banks of San Antonio River, the serene Japanese Tea Garden, the San Antonio Zoo, Sunken Garden Theater, a senior center, ball fields, the Witte Museum, and several pavilions.

Guinness World Record Museum is one more attraction and must visit place in San Antonio.

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Pearl Pride Tower is iconic structure of San Antonio
Natural Bridge Caverns, the largest commercial caves in Texas, is popular tourist attraction in San Antonio. These spectacular caves are known for their huge open rooms but they also have narrow passages and interesting formations.

Zoos and Theme Parks

One of the most popular things to do for families with children is spending a day either at the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium or Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. San Antonio Zoo is home to 3,500 animals from 750 species and the zoo also boasts a narrow gauge railroad. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a drive-through safari and worth visit for wildlife lovers.

San Antonio Museum of Art

San Antonio Museum of Art features first-rate collections of Greek and Roman antiquities, as well as Asian, European, American, and Latin American art.
SeaWorld Aquarium:
SeaWorld is a aquarium and thrill packed theme park is a splendid tourist attraction. It is home to tons of marine life, including dolphins, penguins, and polar bears, get splashed by killer whales, and then get an adrenaline rush reaching speeds of up to 50-miles per hour on sea-themed themed thrill rides.
A Texas sized adventure is waiting for you at the the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum. The attraction features one-of-a-kind animal exhibits, a historic saloon, café, gift shop and the Texas Ranger Museum.

The Historic Market Square

The historic Market Square of San Antonio is the place to go to find unique items and souvenirs. One must visit this largest Mexican market in the United States to know Texan culture. The indoor El Mercado sells everything from sombreros to pottery.

The San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden is a beautiful, relaxing space and a free attraction in San Antonio. A former rock quarry, this area has been transformed into a peaceful garden with exotic plants, ponds with Koi, waterfalls, and the lovely stone Pavilion. Walkways meander through the gardens.