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Top Reasons to Visit CN Tower Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

CN  (Canadian National) Tower is one of the famous and recognized structure of Canada. CN Tower is a communications and observation tower of 553.3 m height, what a surreal experience to observe the city from this height.
CN Tower held record of world tallest free standing structure for almost 32 years. This concrete structure has almost 1.2 million tourists every year. Just imagine the view from once the tallest structure in the world.
Its like a dream to be on the top of the world, and being on CN tower makes you feel like one. You can view the scenic beauty of the city from three observation points, Skypod (447 m), Indoor Lookout Level (346 m), Outdoor Observation Terrace
(342 m).
You have to go up by a glass enclosed elevator which itself is an experience , slowly everything around you looks tiny and places like these makes you feel nothing in the world can be a problem.
Though the CN tower is open throughout the year, best time to go there is when the skies are clear. When the skies are not clear, you can go up to the 360 restaurant and have a meal, which makes you feel like you are having you meal in the clouds. The restaurant has won award for best Canadian cuisine and treats us with marvelous revolving view of the city.
Are you a thrill seeker? Then Edge walk is you place, exactly over the 360 restaurant, world's highest full-circle, hands-free walk. It makes you feel like you are flying far above the earth. Though you can only try it when the weather cooperates well with your schedule.
Edge Walk at CN tower
Initially the plan of the CN Tower was just of communication platform, but eventually turned out to be the popular tourist attraction in Canada. There is a world famous Glass Floor at 342 m where you get to stand and look straight down, a tough task from acrophobics. But there is nothing to worry, its very safe plus gives you a view that you can cherish.
View of CN Tower at night