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Top Most Tourist Attraction in Nepal, Asia

The Himalayan country, Nepal is an South Asian country. Discover country's religion, art culture and the amazing Himalayan expeditions.
Swayambhunath Temple
Located on a hill in the Kathmandu Valley, Swayambhunath Temple, is one of the holiest Buddhist religious sites of the country. The name of the temple means 'self- occurring', as the ancient river suddenly had a lotus flower at bloom in the middle of it.
Pashupatinath Temple
Pashupatinath Temple is the oldest 
Hindu temple in Kathmandu. The 
temple is a great place for art 
historians, as the place has it all 
Dome style, Pagoda style, 
Shikhara style and so on.
Boudha Stupa
Boudha Stupa, is the largest stupa in the world, situated in northeastern outskirts of Kathmandu. With hundreds of rituals that are performed here and the premises being an open museum, this place was designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1979.
Kathmandu Durbar Square
A place where all important  ceremonies, such as the coronation of the Nepalese monarch, took place in  the 19th century. Kathmandu Durbar  Square is the historic square which is home to temples dating back  to the third century.
Phewa Lake
Located in the south of the Pokhara  Valley, this lake is also known as  Phewa Tal or Fewa Lake. A beautiful   place for boating, nestled among the Himalayas. A peaceful place, that  holds diversity of air and natural flora.
Ama Dablam
One of the beautiful mountain in the  world situated in the eastern  Himalayan range. The name of the  mountain means 'Mother's Necklace'  and the structures of mountain  resemblance to a mother protecting its child. The main peak is 6,812 metres.
Annapurna Sanctuary
Annapurna Sanctuary gives you a thrilling experience of a hike that is one of the best hikes in the world. Annapurna massif includes the world’s tenth highest peak, 8,091 m. The Annapurna range gives you a sensational  view of Mount Machhapucchre towering above the sanctuary.
Chitwan National Park
Best wildlife viewing national parks in Asia, Chitwan National Park. This National Park is home to endangered One-horned Rhinos, Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Monkeys, Wild Boar and up to 544 species of birds. You can witness all the beauty of the National Park by elephant safari and jungle walk.
Gokyo Lake
In the Sagarmatha National Park is the Gokya lake, the highest freshwater lake system in the world. The Gokyo Lake is exotically beautiful and the journey towards it is like searching your own beauty and self.
Imja tse
Sagarmatha National Park is home to Imja tse peak, well known as Island Peak. The peak appears as an island in a sea of ice when viewed from Dingboche. You require some basic mountaineering skills to climb this mountaineering peak.
Kala Patthar
Kala Patthar is a very popular tourist destination for the trekkers. Not an exact mountain but offers a great short hike on the Everest Base Camp trek. Kala Patthar mean 'Black Rock', stands at 5,644m above sea level.
A mountain in Annapurna massif never been officially climbed. The 'fish tail mountain' is said to be a sacred place as it the home of Lord Shiva. Some places are only meant for the presence of Gods is the reason gaining a permit from the government of Nepal is impossible.
With hight of 8,163 metres above sea level, Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. One of the highest peak in the world is deadly and has seen 297 successful summits. The trek route here is different and the glory of the place is next to heaven.
Sagarmatha National Park
The most important and beautiful part of Nepal, Sagarmatha National Park. 
The National park is home to the 
Gokyo Lakes, glaciers, valleys, trails 
and most important Mount Everest 
(Sagarmatha). Being here helps you to know how important is nature and we come very close to things that actually matter.