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Top 8 Things To Do In Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of a beautiful heaven like place in Greece. Santorini is a volcani topography in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. The prepossessing sunset in Oia town, white and blue washed houses, red and white beaches, wine tasting, nightlife and the active volcano at Thira makes Santorini overall a magical place.
Three Bells of Fira
Dominating the western Santorini, Fira, is where the Three Bells of Fira located. The Three Bells of Fira is a Greek catholic church, famous for its three bells, blue dome, and picturesque setting.
Sunset In Oia
Oia's sunset is in wish list of many travelers from all over the world. Oia has cute little white houses with blue domes and when its sunset time, the town looks more alluring as the sunlight hits the town making it glow in a magical way.
Church of Panagia Platsani
Situated in the main square of Oia Churuch of Panagia Platsani is a large whitewashed structure with 6 bell attached to it, making this church some of the main attraction in Santorini.
Ancient Thera
Ancient Thera is an ancient city of Santorini, now you can see the ruins of the city on your tour to the Ancient Thera.
Hot Springs of Santorini
The main hot spring in Santorini is situated in the  cove of Agios Nikolaos. Many tourist visit the hot springs while there are on the Santorini Boat Tour.
Perivolos Beach
Black lava sand is very common in Santorini  but perivolos beach is among the most visited beaches, due to its well maintenance, accessible facilities and water sports activities.
Red Beach
One of the most popular and spectacular beach in Santorini as well as Greece. The prominent red colour of the hill near the beach is eye catching and touristy.
White Beach
White Beach is another pretty beach in Santorini. You can go to this beach only by a boat, the beach is very small but overall gives you a sweet experience. The white sand, clear water and a cave in the huge limestone rock makes the beach a must visit place.
Sunset cruise in Santorini
Organised cruise trips is a great way to see Santorini as there is full tour of red beach, white beach, served with Greek style barbecue, wine tasting, visit to hot springs and at the end of the day, witnessing the world famous sunset of Oia.
Santorini Volcano
Yes there is an active Santorini Volcano and you can pay a visit to the volcano. The visit to the volcano gives you a great view of the town as well as its very amazing plus one of a kind experience to see steam coming out of the volcano.
Wine tasting In Santorini
Wine tasting is one of the activities that you should try on your trip to Santorini, as it has the oldest vineyards in Europe.