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14 Highest Mountain Peaks Of The World

Height of total 14 mountain peaks is above 8,000-meter peaks. All are located in the Himalaya or the Karakoram ranges in Asia.
Mount Everest
Location: Nepal/ Tibet
Height: 8850 mt
Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world situated in Himalayas.
Mount K2 (Godwin Austen)
Location: Pakistan/ China
Height: 8611 mt
Mount Kangchenjunga
Location: India/ Nepal
Height: 8586 mt
Mt. Lhotse
Location: Nepal/ Tibet
Height: 8516 mtr
Mount Makalu
Location: Nepal Tibet
Height: 8463 mt
Mount Cho Oyu
Location: Nepal / Tibet
Height: 8201 mt
Mount Dhaulagiri
Location: Nepal
Height: 8167 mt
Mount Mansalu
Location: Nepal
Height: 8163 mt
Nanga Parbat
Location: Pakistan
Height: 8125 mt.
Mt Annapurna
Location: Nepal
Height: 8091 mt.
Gasherbrum I
Location: Pakistan/ China
Height: 8068 mt
Broad Peak
Location: Pakistan/ China
Height: 8047 mt
Gasherbrum II
Location: Pakistan/ China
Height: 8035 mt
Shisha Pangma
Location: Tibet
Height: 8013 mt