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Top 10 States To Visit In The USA

With 50 states, the United States of America is so huge that you can spend a lifetime there. Every single state has something to offer its visitors. From majestic mountains and fascinating seas to enchanting countryside and electrifying nightlife, the US of A has it all!
Page through for the top 10 states to visit in the US!
Note that you can never visit all of these in a single visit. In fact, you might have to make multiple visits just to cover a single state!


Home to the Hollywood, California attracts a large influx of tourists every year. The high-standing Hollywood sign is the unmistakable marker of this mighty state.
Though LA is an obvious hub for travelers, San Diego and San Francisco also have quite a number of foreign tourists each year.
From the San Diego Zoo to the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, you can never run out of options in California.
From San Francisco, head inland to the Napa Valley to taste some of the finest wines on the planet …
… and then, go further east to take in the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe …
… and the Yosemite National Park.

New York

Featuring the most populous city in the world and the most happening one too, the state of New York should be on the top of your US travel itinerary.
But this state also offers plenty to see even outside of the mighty New York City.
Head north from NYC to Buffalo, the 2nd largest city in the state of New York. It has much to offer if you are on a laid-back family holiday!
If you are on a solo trip, head to Ithaca ...
home to the picturesque waterfalls …
… or pay a visit to Syracuse ...
... if you feel like splurging a bit on shopping and fine dining!


The ‘Lone Star State’ as they call it, Texas is definitely a must visit as it has abundant offerings, apart from, of course, its obsession with football and cowboys.
From vast coastlines to swamps and forests to deserts ...
... the landscape of Texas is extremely varied and doesn’t ever disappoint!
Traditionally conservative in nature, the larger cities like Austin and Houston make it feel more liberal with extravagant modernism and lively nightlife.
Don’t miss visiting the Panhandle area while in the state.
Often referred to as “the real Texas”, it is home to some raw, barren, rural beauty!


Whether you’re on an urban vacation or just out to explore some natural treasure, Illinois will never cease to impress!
It’s a no-brainer that Chicago will be your first destination on entering Illinois. Be it high-end getaways or budget-friendly options, this city has it all!
But that’s a not all! Illinois has other attractions too!
Feel close to nature at the Shawnee National Forest …
… or get a slice of history at the national historic district in Galena to see the miners at work; Illinois is filled with some real gems!


Home to the world-famous Disneyland, Florida not only deserves, but claims its rightful place on one’s US travel bucket list. If you’re traveling with kids, this is THE state to choose!
With beautiful sandy beaches offering miles of leisurely walkways, Florida is also a great getaway for couples!
As if that was not enough ...
... the nightlife is hot and happening too!


With very rich maritime and military history, Pennsylvania is the state to go if you are a history buff.
Philadelphia, the most sought-after tourist destination in the state, boasts the famous Liberty Bell ...
... one of the most iconic symbols of America’s independence.
The busy coastal city of Pittsburgh with its ultra-modern vibe is also worth visiting.


If there is any appropriate description for this amazing US state, “aesthetically pleasing” would be it.
Massachusetts is so beautiful and picturesque that it is almost overwhelming at times.
Rife with plenty of well-preserved historical sites & museums, parks & natural preserves, high-end shopping & dining options, and energetic nightlife, Massachusetts caters well to all kinds of visitors.
Boston and Cambridge are the most-visited cities in Massachusetts. In fact, Cambridge is home to the world-famous Harvard University Campus ...
... and both these cities together boast a very high concentration of tourist sites.
If you are visiting in summer, make sure to visit Cape Cod and relax on its wonderful beaches.


Also known as the “Emerald State”, the state of Washington is home to a huge number of scenic attractions. From waterfalls and snow-capped peaks to lakes and green spaces, this state has it all!
You just cannot miss visiting Seattle, the largest city in Washington and a whole different world in its own right. With so many tourist offerings, it may take days just to explore this single city.
Located just outside of Seattle, the Mount Rainier National Park just cannot be missed too. With glacier-climbing opportunities and hiking trails, this park is the best spot in Washington for adventurers.
Those wanting to mix adventure with sightseeing should head to the Snoqualmie Falls, one of Washington’s most popular attractions.


Located in Western USA, Nevada is the 7th most extensive and 9th least densely populated of its 50 states.
From natural diversity of fascinating landscapes to glamor and glitz, Nevada just never seems to get over.
Obviously, the most sought destination in Nevada is Las Vegas, the so-called “Sin City” that glitters and glows 24X7. With huge resorts, theaters, and casinos, this city is the splurger’s paradise!
Another city worth visiting in Nevada after Las Vegas is Reno.
This small city has ample opportunities for tourists, including museums and hot air balloon rides.
The landscape of Nevada is a wonder in itself. Stroll the shores of Lake Mead and Lake Mohave, admire the rugged red landscape of Valley of Fire State Park ...
... or praise the beautiful Lamoille Canyon as you drive through it; you’ll never be disappointed!


One of the most obvious entries on the list, Hawaii, the 50th state of the US, is beauty redefined!
This charming archipelago comprises untamed jungle habitats and less-trodden active volcano sites, which will amaze you.
Located on Hawaii’s Oahu Island, the capital city of Honolulu is a must visit. With amazing beaches offering lots of surfing and snorkelling opportunities, Honolulu will surprise you every step of the way!
For gems less trodden, make your way to the islands of Maui and Molokai to experience the culture and traditions of the locals.