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Thrilling One Day Visapur Fort Trek Near Pune And Mumbai

Visapur Fort is a hill fort larger and at a higher elevation than its twin fort-Lohagad. The fort is a very popular excursion destination amongst nature lovers, trekkers, and campers. In monsoon, this trek is very popular due to its most part of the trek route need to climb through the gushing waterfall.
There are mainly 3 trekking routes to reach the top of Visapur Fort which are the Patan Village trail, the Bhaje Caves trail, and the Gaimukh Khind trail. Last one is shown here and is probably the fastest way to reach the top of Visapur Fort.
The Gomukh Khind Trek route is most popular trek route of Visapur fort. On the route to Lohagad from Malavli, take a left once you reach Viraj Farms. After walking for 10-15 minutes, the road divides into two paths. Take the left trail. After walking for a few meters, take a trail showing a board of Visapur Kade. Now the trail is pretty straightforward.
Trek to Visapur Fort is passing through jungles and then the waterfall.
Trek to Visapur will refresh your mind as well as your body as most of the trek route pass though the waterfall climbing.
Tricky rocky patch route with full of water flowing down is a lifetime experience of Visapur Fort.
Visapur trek offers several stunning views of lush green valleys and small or large waterfalls. Entire trail &fort itself is full of  decorated architecture, the old house, caves, & ruins of a large stone-built house which is also known as Peshwa's palace. Most of the temples around fort are Lord Hanuman temple as he was the patron deity of Visapur fort.
En-route Visapur Fort in monsoon.
After crossing the climb through streams flowing over rocky patch, we reach to the steps in good condition. In monsoon water is flowing though these rock cut steps.

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Trek to Visapur fort is filled with lots of ups and downs, small and large rocky patch with waterfalls, lush greenery trail feel of dense forest. After climbing waterfall steps you reach to north door of fort which leads you to top of fort.
After reaching top of fort, you can find a stone wall all around the fort. Wall of Visapur Fort are still in good conditions. Walking along the waterfall and passing through few lush green plateaus is mesmerizing experience.
Two roofless buildings, which once belonged to the secretariat, are worth noticing
On the Visapur fort, one can spot a number of water tanks and storage tanks for food, which gives one a clue about the fort being sustainable for long wars.. They are full in monsoon season whereas they become dry in summer.
Visapur Fort is a gigantic architecture that has stood all the test of time. Out here, one can find caves, wells, arches, and old houses. You can also witness the ten feet long iron cannon of Queen Elizabeth on top of the Visapur Fort. There are also other small cannons in good condition. Due to its strategic location, Visapur was once the cannons depot.
Visapur Fort Trek

Height: 3556 ft.

Grade: Trek difficulty is Medium

Location: Near Lonavala in Pune District of Maharashtra, India

Route: There are mainly 3 trekking routes to reach the top of Visapur Fort which are the Patan Village trail, the Bhaje Caves trail, and the Gaimukh Khind trail.
History of Visapur Fort:

Built during 1713-1720 CE by Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of Maratha Empire, Visapur Fort is perhaps the strongest example of the Maratha architecture. On 4th March 1818, 800 native soldiers, 380 European soldiers and artillery from Chakan and two other British battalions attacked Visapur Fort and took it in their control.