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Things To Do On Your Visit To California

California is a state in the Pacific Region of the United States. California is famous for its massive complex of forests, collectively called as Redwood National and State Parks. California has several fascinating and breathtaking aspects to explore. It is a treat for tourism.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is situated in Northern California and is the most beautiful, most visited parks in California. You get to see everything here in the park itself mountains, valleys, rivers, amazing n huge waterfall. Yosemtie waterfall is one of the most beautiful tourists attraction. 

San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is most beautiful city in United States. The city should be on every travelers or non travelers wish list. It provides you with scenic beauty of oceans and hills historic sites, green spaces, inspiring cultural institutions and attitude that is calm. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is one of the alluring thing to watch.  

Disney Park

Disneyland also called as Disney park is all time on the list of every person in the world. It is a total family destination to have amazing time together. It is combination of theme rides and recreated worlds and cultures. The park has various rides, games, shows, and entertainment, complete with restaurants and hotels.

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Yosemite Waterfall

Griffith Observatory

Visitors can look through telescopes, explore exhibits, see live shows in the Samuel Oschin planetarium, and enjoy spectacular views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign.

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Redwood National and State Parks

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Asian Art Museum in San Francisco USA