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Things To Do Before You Go To Tapkeshwar Temple, Dehradun

Tapkeshwar is a famous holy temple of Lord Shiva on the bank of seasonal Asan river near Dehradun. Known to have one of the oldest Shivling in the cave, Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple is located at 6.5 km from Dehradun city. As water droplets continuously drops on the Shivling, hence it was named as 'Tapkeshwar'.
Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple, is one of the most famous temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and situated by the forest side. The main Shivalinga at the temple is inside a natural cave. 
The Tapkeshwar Mahadeva Temple owes its importance due to a natural Shiva Linga in a cave nearby. Water drops from the ceiling of the cave trickle down over the Shivalinga in a continuous downpour, making for an interesting spectacle. A Shivalinga is enshrined is believed to grant the wishes of all those who seek the Lord's blessings. 
One of the popular destinations in Dehradun, Tapkeshwar Temple is one of the most visited temples in the region. Tapkeshwar Mahadev is decorated with Rudraksha and people come to get a glimpse of it. It is said that Shivalinga situated in the hill cave is not established but it has been revealed itself. That is why it is called self-interest. 
It is also believed that this was used as a residence by Guru Dronacharya, the esteemed teacher of the Pandavas and Kauravas of the Hindu epic Mahabharata written by Ved Vyas. The cave is thus named Drona Cave after his name.
One more attraction nearby Tapkeshwar Temple is a huge statue of Lord Hanuman in standing poistion.
Statue of Lord Hanuman in standing position near Tapkeshwar temple.

History of Tapkeshwar Temple:

Lord Shiva meditates in this cave. Guru Drona had also received education from Lord Shiva in this cave. In Dwapar era, Tapkeshwar was also known as Tapeshwar and Dudheshwar. It is such a belief that even today the country and Gandharva here come to the philosophy of Lord Bhola. Lord Shiva is performed every day in the evening.

History Of Tapkeshwar Temple:

Ashwathama who is believed to an immortal character in the Mahabharata and the son of Dronacharya was born in the caves here. Satisfied with his devotion and praying for six months, the great lord fed him with milk, dripping above the Shivlinga from the mountain rocks (ceiling). Hence, the hunger and wish of the immortal Ashwathama was fulfilled.

History Of Tapkeshwar Temple:

It is said that this cycle feeding milk continued till Kalyug. But later this Bhola's offering was disrespectful. Seeing this, Lord Shiva transformed the milk into water, and slowly, the water started dripping on the Shivling.