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The Niagara of India- Athirappilly Falls

Athirappilly Falls is located in Athirappilly Panchayat in Chalakudy Taluk of Thrissur District in Kerala, India. Anyone can travel to Athirappilly easily from Chalakudy and Angamaly by taxi or by bus. Athirappilly Is said to be "The Niagara Falls" of India.

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While you travel to this beautiful small Indian Niagara fall that is the Arthirappilly falls you get to experience winding roads, small villages and lush green trees.  There is another route to get at the top of this waterfall by crossing paved path through thick bamboo clusters.
Beauty of this place is cherished in monsoons. Athirappilly falls just keeps your mouth wide open, it's such a treat to the eye. Entering to the music of river and nature and mesmerizing tune of water during monsoon is all that you need to feel good and fresh. It feels you up with positivity.

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If you are a trekker and want to go the Athirapally falls, then it is absolutely possible to do so. While goin to this cascade you are gifted with the sight of delightful green Sholayar Peaks. Bird lovers should visit this place as it is the only place in the Western Ghats where four endangered Horn-bill species are seen.
The scenic beauty of Athirapally falls has always attracted filmmakers to bring liveliness to their movies by capturing this fall. Many famous Bollywood songs are shot over here. The beauty of Athirapally waterfall is even more breathtaking in real life than on the silver screen, it is worth the visit.