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The Highest Waterfall In The World- Angel Falls

Angel Falls also called as Salto Angel In Spanish is situated in Venezuela. This is the highest waterfall in the world the fall is about 3,212 feet (979 meters).
The best time to visit the angel falls is between May and November.  The falls are thedeclare as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The feeling you get while you stand near bottom of this huge waterfall is immense and mind blowing. You just dont go there to witness this large waterfall but the quite nights and to admire the moonlight with sight of the lagoons.
Have you ever heard waterfalls creates weather?  Well the angel falls is said to create its own weather in rainy season. In one kilometer radius of the waterfall is feels like mist settles on the skin.
The height of the angel falls is twice of that of the Eiffel Tower.