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The Devils Throat - Iquazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls are situated on the Iguazu River which spills over the rim of the Paraná Plateau. All most half of the river's flow falls into a prolonged and narrow gulf called the Devil's Throat . This fall is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil.
Belonging to the 7 world wonders of nature they just blow way mind. Nothing could explain the immense pleasure one experiences while standing their surrounded by 275 waterfalls and endless rainbows.
Iguazu falls are the most spectacular waterfalls and are absolutely worth the visit. It is also said to be one of the 7 wonders of the nature. A visit to the Iquazu falls is must-do on any South America itinerary.
Iguazu falls are a very popular tourist destination in South America, and there is no reason to fear safety. Certain parts of the park may be closed near the fall because the walkways are too slippery and therefore dangerous. 
The Iguazu waterfalls system contains around 150 to 300 individual waterfalls. The number of waterfalls changes depending upon the flow of the river and water level of the same.

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