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The Best Guide To Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada

The Quebec Winter Carnival is undeniably the biggest winter carnival in the world. Celebrated in the Quebec city since 1955, this event is a pre-Lenten festival. This festival could be said as the driving force in the city.
Everyone is most welcomed to the Quebec Winter Carnival, there are various places to visit in the event to get a joyous experience. A proper family place to be and enjoy your time.
There are various fun places and activities that take place here in the Quebec Winter Carnival. The dog sled race is one of the first activity that takes place in the first weekend of the event.
Streets of Old Quebec is the place from where the race starts and ends.
Quebec Carnival's main event place is the fairgrounds and the Ferris wheel, said to be an amusement park of the event.
Various activities are for adults as well as children, activities includes a life- size bowling, ice sled and snow batches.
A picture from the ice sled activity.
One of the fun activities that take place in the event.
With all the activities that take place in the event, there is also plenty of food in the event that not only fills your soul but your stomach as well.
Bonhomme Carnaval is the official ambassador of the Quebec Winter Carnival.
The atmosphere here is very pretty as there is celebration in the air, making the event more lively.