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Statue Of Liberty- Enlightening The World

Friendship means being there just to be there.. The Statue of liberty was a gift from the France to United Nations as a token of Friendship. The statue is the universal symbol of freedom and democracy.
Overall height of the statue is around 305 feets and 6 inches. The statue is made entirely in huge amount of copper.
 You can Visit the statue of Liberty everyday except the fourth Thursday In November i.e Thanksgiving and on Christmas. While change in weather can be effect the ferries that take you to the island.
There is change in access given to visit the pedestal. You have to make bookings for visiting the pedestal and Statue Cruises is the official source for pedestal reservations. 
The Statue of Liberty open hours-
  • Monday To Sunday-   9:30AM- 3:30PM
You can also visit the crown of The Liberty statue. It is by far the most amazing experience you can get on the trip to New York City. You need to get advance ticket for the crown tour. Only limited tickets are available to visit the crown of the Statue of Liberty.