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Popular Regional Festivals In Odisha

Odisha is an eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal. It is famous for its tribal cultures and its many ancient Hindu temples. Odisha being popular for its culture, there are many festivals that are celebrated on a large scale. Festivals namely Durga Pooja, Kalinga Mahotsav, Chandan Yatra. Konark Dance Festival, Mahabisuva Sankranti.

Chandrayan Yatra

Chandrayan Yatra is also known as Gandhalepana Yatra. These festival is celebrated at Jagannath temple at Puri and is the longest among all the festivals in Odisha. 

Durga Pooja

Durga Pooja is a festival that is celebrated all over India with same love and joy. Durga pooja is most important festival of Odisha and is celebrated with all heart. The streets are lighted up,decorated to set the spirit of festivity among the people.

Kalinga Mahotsav

During the reign of Ashoka there were brutal murders and death of martyrs. The Kalinga Mahotsav is celebrated to mark the victory of peace over war. In this festival they pay tribute to martyrs of Mauryan dynasty various Martial art acts. This acts are not onlyenjoyed by the people of Odisha but also people from all over the world.

Konark Dance Festival

The konark dance festival is totally dedicated to the beauty of Konark Sun Temple. This festival takes place in the premises of the temple itself. After the sunsets the glow of the temple is to be seen, lighted up giving it a vibrant look. This festival takes place on December 1 to December 5.