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One Of The Most Adventurous Trek To Kalavantin Durg Near Pune

Kalavantin durg is located right next to Prabalgad Fort on the old Mumbai Pune route. The thrill of an exposed climb via amazing zig-zag rock cut steps and steep slopes is beauty of this trek. Kalavantin is the beautiful pinnacle surrounded by beautiful landscapes around it includes Prabalgad, Chanderi, Peb Matheran, Irshalgad and Ulhas river.
The trek begins from the parking area at Thakurwadi, the base village, near Panvel railway station. After this short walk through the village, a gradual ascent of 1.5 hours starts to reach the Prabalmachi plateau.
Spectacular View of Prabalgad and Kalavantin Durg from Thakurwdi village.
Initial trek starts from dense forest and steep slopes.
The route is full of small rocky patches and small loose boulders.
Kalavantin Durg trek route is a thrilling and an offbeat trekking experience for visitors. The difficulty level of trek route is medium, requiring basic physical endurance. Before starting zig-zag rock cut steps, some long rock patch needs to climb.
Waterfall and massive rock wall of Kalavntin Durg.
Zigzag Rock cut steps for final climb to Kalavantin Fort.
View of valley with zigzag rock cut steps
Climbing narrow and zigzag rock cut steps at Kalavantin Durg is a lifetime experience.
Climbing of such inclined and shallow steps is really a breathtaking adventure
Final summit needs a technical rock climbing with all necessary gears like rope, seat harness, pitons, carabiner and jumars.
A eye-catching Sunset view from plateau of Kalavantin Fort.