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One Day Trip To Unbeatable Daulatabad Fort Near Aurangabad

Daulatabad Fort, also known as Devagiri, is a historical fortified citadel located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. It was the capital of the Yadava dynasty (more than 500 years). It became the capital of the Delhi Sultanate and later a secondary capital of the Ahmadnagar Sultanate. It was built by the first Yadava king, Bhillama V.
In 1327, Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq of the Delhi Sultanate renamed the city as "Daulatabad" and shifted his imperial capital to the city from Delhi, ordering a mass migration of Delhi's population to Daulatabad. However, Tughluq reversed his decision in 1334 & the capital shifted back to Delhi. In 1499, Daulatabad became a part of the Ahmadnagar Sultanate.
After entering a fort, various canons are exhibit in old horse stable.
This one exactly at the entry of fort premises. This one is among largest canons on fort.
One can found such stone carvings everywhere in the fort. This elephant is located near entrance to fort premises.
There is no separate exit from the fort, only one entrance/exit - This is designed to confuse the enemy soldiers to drive deep into the fort in search of an exit, at their own peril. First entrance is at Mahakot (outer fort wall). Next main entry to fort area is through Aam Khas Darwaja. This is lobby of Aam khas Darwaja.
Such window bays and small holes to defeat enemies were well planned designed on gate. So that, enemy can be restrained from entry to fort.
The Chand Minar is a notable monument of Daulatabd Fort. It  is a tower 210 ft high and 70 ft in circumference at the base, and was originally covered with beautiful Persian glazed tiles. It was erected in 1445 by Bahmani to commemorate his capture of the fort.
This is huge water tank opposite Bharat Mata Temple Complex is named as Hatti Talav (Elephant Lake). It is specially created for water storage and bathing purposes of elephants. There were cross steps on all four sides of lake.
This is Bhrat Mata Temple. Indians believe there country in the form of Goddess and Bharat Mata represents Indian Country. This temple is stand on stone columns based on ancient Hindu temple architecture.
Stone carved columns of temple complex.
Leftover of stone sculpture of fort. This represents richness of Yadav Family.