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One Day Trip To A Staggering Umbrella Waterfall And Randha Waterfall

The waterfall is formed over Pravara River and cascades down from a height of 170 feet into a beautiful gorge. Considered as one of the prominent waterfalls in India, the jaw-dropping Randha Falls is a must visit place during monsoon and also one of the popular places to visit in Bhandardara. It is the chief source of hydro power in the Bhandardara region.
Randha Falls is swishing over the rocks joyfully. It is a great experience to go in the arms of beautiful nature, away from the cluttered and noisy city life.
Randha Falls have the dreamy and illusory facade of a Renaissance painting and the same shimmering sorcery a mirage brings.

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Randha Falls symbolizes a roaring youth. There is a wonderful musical atmosphere created by the combination of all this blissful sound of water, the white light of the water, the majesty of the frost & the rainbow rising on those frosts, the sound of the deafening silence. In the rainy season, the Randha Falls become enormous then its original form.
A pathway to watch point of Randha Falls near Bhandardara, India
The airy sparkling of its spray was magical. Randha Falls looks like a spritz of fairy dust, flickering in the slanted light.