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One Day Thrilling Trek To Kalavanti Durg (Fort) Near Mumbai And Pune

Kalavantin durg is located right next to Prabalgad Fort on the old Mumbai Pune route. This was used as a watch tower. The thrill of an exposed climb via amazing zig-zag rock cut steps and steep slopes is beauty of this trek. One can get a panoramic view from the top which includes Prabalgad, Chanderi, Peb Matheran, Irshalgad and Ulhas river.
Spectacular View of Kalavantin Durg
The trek begins from the parking area at Thakurwadi, the base village, near Panvel railway station. After this short walk through the village, a gradual ascent of 1.5 hours starts to reach the Prabalmachi plateau. One can see various waterfalls on adjacent mountain. This is view of trek route from Prabalmachi plateau. 
Picture shows Kalavantin Fort trek route till Prabalmachi plateau. From Prabalmachi, there are two routes – one leading to Prabalgad and the other (to the left) leading to Kalavantin Fort. The vegetation alongside the trail includes grasslands and moderately tall trees with a view of lush green mountains. 
View of Kalavantin Durg (Fort) and Prabalgad from Thakurwadi Village
Kalavantin Durg trek route is a thrilling and an offbeat trekking experience for visitors. The difficulty level of trek route is medium, requiring basic physical endurance.
Mesmerizing view of this majestic mountain from Prabalgad Plateau.
Kalavantin Durg (Fort) in monsoon with a view of zig-zag rock cut steps
Camping at Prabalgad plateau is lifetime experience. This plateau accommodate nearly 20 medium size tents. Local people living at this place generally hosts camping site. This outdoor accommodation gives experience of blue sky, fresh air, luscious yummy local food, stargazing activities.  The peace of the morning is soul soothing here.

Kalavantin Durg in Summer

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Video showing view from Prabalgad Plateau.
Kalavantin Fort Trek

Height: 685 m high pinnacle

Grade: Difficult

Region:Panvel, Mumbai.

Location: Thakurwadi village is base for trek. Route to this village is through Shedunge Phata from Panvel. 2 hour Trek from  Thakurwadi village upto Prabalgad plateau. Then 3 hours trek to reach Kalavantin Fort. Last patch is half an hour climb through rock cut steps.
History of Kalavantin Durg:

Kalavantin Durg's history is often mixed with that of the nearby Prabalgad Fort. Prabalgad was built at 685 m high stone spire around 530 BC during Bahmani Sultanate. According to the stories, the fort was built for a queen named “Kalavanti”  and that it was used a secret hideout by freedom fighter Umaji Naik in 1826.