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One Day Thrilling Trek To Dhak Cha Bahiri Near Pune And Mumbai

The melodious symphony of mother Earth always attracts us to offbeat journeys. Trek to Dhak Bahiri connect us to this melodious rhythm of nature. A trek to Dhak Bahiri gives variety of experience due to changing terrains from grasslands to plateau, walk to dense forest, and finally technical climbing of vertical rock patch.
Dhak Bahiri is a cave fort in the Sahyadri ranges, accessible through three routes; Jambhiwali, Rajmachi and Sandshi. It is genuinely one of the offbeat treks in Maharashtra. A cave broached in a vertical wall is home of Bhairavnath temple. It was used by pilgrims and sages for the pilgrimage to the God Bahiri.
Stunning view of Kalakrai pinnacle. There is a ridge between the pinnacle on the left and the Dhak Mountain on the right. In the midway between Dhak fort and Bahiri caves, there is this beautiful rock pinnacle. Only professional or experienced hikers and rock climbers can climb it.
One should proceed after point of Kalakrai Pinnacle by taking support of the rocks and should be quite careful. Ascending the rock patch where a bamboo and a rope are used to climb to the caves.
Traversing the 70 degrees gradient rock patch near the Dhak Bahiri cave is bound to give chills to even most daring trekkers.
Climbing up with the help of ropes.
Narrow way leading Bahiri Cave

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Final Climb
A holy cave of Dhak Bahiri. A cave broached in a vertical wall is home of Bhairavnath temple, which offers the astounding views of surrounding jungle and so many famous spots in Lonavala like Rajmachi, Duke's nose, etc

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The astounding views of Sahyadri ranges including Lonavala like Rajmachi, Duke's nose.
Beautiful Sunset from top of Dhak Bahiri Fort
Meghshyam Desai from flickr.com