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One Day Amazing Trek To Rajgad Fort Near Pune And Mumbai

Rajgad Fort is one of the grand forts of the Sahaydris and lies at an altitude of 1400 m (4, 600 feet). Formerly known as Murumdev, Rajgad Fort was the capital of the Maratha Empire during the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for 25 years, before moving the capital to Raigad Fort.
The fort has seen to many significant historic events including the birth of Chhatrapati Shivaji's son "Rajaram Chhatrapati", the death of Shivaji's Queen Saibai, the return of Shivaji from Agra, the burial of Afzal Khan's head in the Mahadarwaja walls of Balle Killa, the strict words of Sonopant Dabir to Shivaji.
The fort is divided into four parts, Padmavati Machi, Suvela Machi, Sanjeevani Machi, and Balekilla (small fort). The fort is an example of magnificent design and construction. The diameter of the fort at the base is 40 km making it difficult for anybody to lay siege to it.
Breathtaking view of Suvela Machi from Mahadarwaja.

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Suvela Machi: Most magnificent place of Rajgad

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Thrilling trek route to Rajgad Fort.

Pali Darwaja (Gate)

This beautiful view of Pali Darwaja is taken from top.The trek via Pali Darwaza is a simple climb and it starts from Pali village. The 3.5 km trek from Pali should take approximately 2 hours to reach the fort. 

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En-route Pali Darwaja of Balekilla of Rajgad Fort

Best Time To Visit Rajgad fort

In rainy months of July, Aug and Sept, the whole landscape is filled with grass, vines and flowers of many colors! The views are stunning. Oct to Feb is the perfect time for the Rajgad fort trek as the climate is amusing and one can enjoy the thrilling view of the surrounding regions. Sunrise view of Bhatghar lake from the Suvela Maachi is just outstanding.

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Ruff bricks of the fort that speaks with pride about the glory of Shivaji Maharaj and moreover the clouds that surrounds fort as if claiming it to be the most religious land where fighters from our Indian history gave their flesh and blood to create a legacy. 

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The weather at Rajgad Fort allows adventure seekers a complete package to hike.

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360 degree view of Rajgad Fort form balekilla
The Rajgad Fort was also one of the 17 forts that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj kept when he signed the Treaty of Purandar in 1665, with the Mughal General Jai Singh 1. Under this treaty, 23 forts were handed over to the Mughals.
View of Padmavati Machi from top

About Rajgad Fort:

Height: 4,514 ft

Grade: Medium to Moderate

Region: Bhor

Base: Gunjavane or Pali