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Must Visit Places In Zurich, Switzerland

The city of Zurich is a global capital of finance and banking. This largest city of Switzerland is situated on the shore of beautiful lake Zurich. Zurich is famous for its high standard living.
Zurich city is among the 10 most liveable cities in the world.  Most of Zurich's sites are located within the area on either side of the River Limmat, between the Main railway station and Lake Zurich. 
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Lake Zürich
The favorite attraction of Zurich for tourists and locals is the long and crescent shaped Lake Zurich. It is a popular excursion destination for swimming, sailing, boating, and picnicking on the shore.
Lake Zurich is a popular excursion destination for swimming, sailing, boating, and picnicking on the shore. Peaceful blue waters of the lake and the elegant swans creates tranquil atmosphere.
The entire shore of Lake Zurich is lined with promenades and parks. The 3 km promenade starts at Bellevue ends at  Tiefenbrunnen. Walk on promenade is one of the popular attraction of Zurich.
To explore Zurich from another perspective, you can take a Limmat River cruise ride. This mesmerizing boat ride is quite affordable and have been designed to pass under all 7 of the city’s bridges on the Limmat and will show you sights like Grossmünster & Fraumünster.
Take a Cruise Ride on Limmat River
Altstadt (Old Town of Zurich)
The Limmat River separates the medieval old town in two parts. Both part of the Altstadt are marked with early modern streets, beautiful houses, delightful squares and famous guildhalls. One can enjoy the city’s culture, nightlife and shopping in this old town.
Altstadt is home to historic monuments including the four medieval churches, 17th-century Town Hall, different universities, beautiful little alleyways and cozy restaurants and cafes. On the loveliest streets of town  you will be happy to get lost in.
This is Zurich's principal church with its twin towers built in 12th century. It is a Romanesque three-aisled galleried basilica.
A crypt that dates from about 1100 in Grossmunster. It is original and faded now. You can see the two modern bronze doors, the sculptured Romanesque capitals, Gothic wall-paintings, the Romanesque cloister and the 3 colored stained-glass windows
Swiss National Museum
It is one of the most amazing places to go in Zurich.
This fairytale castle museum exhibits largest collection of artifacts which exhibits Swiss culture and history. It is home to objects from from prehistoric times to the present. You can also see Swiss art movements and differnet weapons here
The Fraumunster Church means Women’s Church and founded by Charlemagne’s grandson Louis the German in the 9th century. The church, with its convent, was inhabited by the aristocratic women of Europe. This is a three-aisled, pillared basilica with a Gothic nave
St. Peter's Church
It is oldest parish church of Zurich, stands on a little hill. It has an early 13th-century Romanesque choir under the tower and a Baroque nave with three-aisles and galleries.
This is a elevated spot on hill (Roman Fortress) which gives picturesque view of old City with the waterfront on the Limmat. It is shaded by lime trees.
Museum of Art
This museum exhibits collection of Swiss art from 12th century. This is home to arts of famous artists like Ferdinand Hodler, Henry Fuseli, Pipilotti Rist and Peter Fischli. Art lovers must not miss visit to this magnificent place.
This is 2800 ft high point on the southwest of Zurich. This provides a splendid panoramic view of the city, the lake, and the majestic Alps. This is most popular tourist attraction in Zurich for nature lover.
This is among most important places to visit in Zurich. This resplendent Neoclassical building is more than 100 years old. the Opera House showcases performances featuring popular singers as well as premiers.
Zürich Opera House
Rietberg Museum
The Rietberg Museum boasts of a unique collection of art & cult objects from across the globe – beautifully carved Swiss masks, cult objects from South America, Buddhist art from Asia, and enchanting sculptures from Africa. This tresure amidst a beautiful garden.
This is Zurich's most prime shopping street. Here property rates are most expensive in the world. This is street  has top most luxury brands outlets.
Zurich Zoo has 4,000 animals representing 340 species. This zoo is beautifully designed which maintains complete ecosystem. This provides maximum possible space to animals to roam
Zurich Zoo
Pavillon Le Corbusier
World famous Architect Le Corbusier designed a museum for his life’s work on the east shore of Lake Zürich at Seefeld. This museum exhibits his paintings, sketches of trailblazing projects, drawings, sculptures, written exhibits and lots of examples of furniture. It was his last project
University of Zürich Botanical Garden
It is priceless and must visit place in Zurich. It contains more than 8000 indoor and outdoor displays from different climatic conditions.