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Must visit places in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

There is a myth that the Salt Lake City is an unadventurous city but that is definitely not true, the city has an epic nightlife, natural beauty, electrifying live session at various places,  lively social scene, shopping places, and most importantly has a bashing craft beer industry.
Temple Square
National Historic Landmark District, Temple Square is not only a popular attraction in Salt Lake City but also in Utah, with attracting 3 million to 5 million tourist every year. The 10 acre Temple Square is a house to Salt Lake Temple, Seagull Monument, Salt Lake Assembly Hall, Genealogical library, Churuch History Museum and  also the Salt Lake Taberlance
Utah State Capitol Building
Made out of Utah granite, Utah State Capitol Building is the house of government for the U.S state of Utah. It is one of the striking architectural landmark of Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt lake temple
Main gem of the Temple Square is Salt Lake Temple. This temple is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not everyone is allowed inside the temple but the prayer hall is accessible to all, must say that the architecture is just mind blowing. The place has a touch of Mormon culture, it literally brings you peace and comfort.
Red Butte Garden
Red Butte Garden is a 21 acre themed garden with 5 miles of hiking trail, is a largest botanical garden in the Inter-mountain West. The garden has some or the other thing for all the age groups with beautiful and renowned plant collection, springtime blossoms, concert that take place in summer and an educational program of horticulture every year.
Hogle Zoo
At the mouth of Emigration Canyon, on 42 acres of land is the Hoglo Zoo. The zoo features different animals from different ecosystem, there are about  230 species and 800 animals. Major attraction of the zoo is the elephant encounter, Asian highlands, African Savanna and Rocky Shores.
Natural History Museum of Utah
The museum is all about natural history of Utah and the Intermountain West. The building is pretty awesome as the nature inside is connected to the outside. The museum is treat to every age as it houses geology, paleontology, ecology, and anthropology exhibits.
Liberty Park
Liberty park is the second biggest park in Salt Lake City, on the 80 acres of park, there is a beautiful pond with 2 islands. Everything in the park is beautiful the trees, flowers, pond, playground but the main attraction is the bird aviary. There are various walk ways that connects you to the ground the lush green parks and some picnic spots.
Salt Lake Tabernacle also know as Mormon Tabernacle
There are concerts that are organized by the church that attracts a lot of tourists every year.
Millcreek Canyon
Millcreek Canyon is a canyon located in the Wasatch Mountains. The canyon treats you with various hiking and biking trails that you must experience when you are in Salt lake city. The most popular hiking trail in the canyon is pipeline trail and Desolation trailhead.