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Must Visit Place In Province Of Misiones: Saltos del Mocona Falls

Los Saltos del Mocona waterfalls are some 10 m high waterfalls that interrupt the course of the Uruguay River for about 3 km along the border between Brazil and Argentina, southeast of the San Pedro department, in the Argentine province of Misiones and in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil).

The particularity of these falls, or jumps, is that they are not transverse to the course of the waters like most of the falls, but are longitudinal. The channel where the falls fall is a great geological fault, and its depth reaches 170 meters at some points.

Salto Del Mocona means "that everything swallows". Of rugged relief,  It is furrowed by numerous courses of rivers and streams and covered by an important forest mass.

Salto Del Mocona is only waterfall in the world to fall perpendicular into a river below.

You can observe the flora and fauna entering through the bites, discovering at every step how a thousand life forms coexist harmoniously: trees, shrubs, vines, vines, epiphytic plants next to birds, mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians in a balance natural. 

Since the Mocona waterfalls are in the Uruguay River, they are of federal domain and jurisdiction because they are a navigable river. The natural monument has not been included in the National System of Protected Areas.