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Must Visit Dolphin Nose On Your Trip To Kodaikanal

Dolphin nose is hidden gem in an otherwise crowded town of Kodaikanal. Dolphin’s Nose is a flat rock located at the edge of the cliff and at a distance of 8 km from the town of Kodaikanal. Located at an altitude of 6,600 ft, it is protruding flat rock which resembles to the nose of Dolphin, hence the name.
Kodaikanal is well-known as the Queen of Hill Stations in India. Kodaikanal is guarded with hills that slope down into villages. Being a hill station, Kodaikanal enjoys a cool and pleasant climate round the year. Dolphin nose is the famous tourist attraction of  Kodaikanal.
Dolphin nose presents tourists with luring view of the valley and the areas around. The view of the Periyakulam town and Vaigai Lake is also quite captivating, especially in summers.The best time to visit the viewpoint is between the months of October and March.

Echo Point

Echo Point is the destination of Dolphin's Nose. A trek further along the rocky route will take you to Echo Point, but this is not for the weak-kneed. The valley swoops sharply into the sides, and it requires an additional effort to get there, but the view is equally eye-popping, if not more.
Dolphin nose is famous for its panoramic beauty & trek up & down is preferable for adventurous people to witness breathtaking views across the whole journey. Also rather than posing for  your pictures on the cliff you can make your videos while climbing up to get feel of adventure.
Dolphin Nose is famous for photography, tourism & trekking. There are more tourists points nearby Dolphin Nose to have a look. Suggested trek time before 9 in morning. Also there are many food & beverages stop on the way up for your maggie & tea cravings.

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