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Most Thrilling Climbing Expedition To A Massive Pinnacle Lingana Fort

Lingana is a massive pinnacle on the mainline of the Sahyadris near Raigad. Offering enthralling trekking routes, it is one of most adventure destinations around Pune and Mumbai. This trek combines the thrill of a technical climb, climbing down deep and steep gorges, traversing on very narrow route, and trekking through dense forests, a serene walk.


Lingana fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj in 1648 to secure central Konkan against the Sidis. Lingana was used as a penal settlement. The prisoners were confined to rock dungeons with one dungeon holding 50 prisoners. Lingana was captured by a Colonel Prother in 1818.
Stunning view of Lingana Fort Pinnacle.
There are two ways to reach Lingana Fort. One route is via Mahad to Panne Village, which is at the base of the fort. From here, we can reach the village on the upper plateau, which is called Lingana machi. From here a walk of 1 hr on slippery way leads to the base of the pinnacle.
Another route is come through the valley called Borhatyachi Naal, which lies between the mountain of Lingana and the mountain of Raylingi. We come from the northern end of the fort to Lingana machi. This is challenging route. One must be very cautious on this route while traversing route as there is a direct fall.
This is en route view of the valley called Borhatyachi Naal
After this thrilling trail, we can reach the village on the upper plateau, which is called Lingana machi. This plateau is a full view point of massive pinnacle Lingana. A spectacular view of Sahyadri ranges from this plateau is amazing.
View of magnificent Sahyadri Ranges from Lingana Machi.
This slippery route leads to base of Lingana pinnacle.
Video showing route to base of pinnacle with Sahyadri ranges on backdrop.

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From base of pinnacle, actual rock climbing starts with all necessary gears. This is complete technical climbing and need experience
Reaching to upper ridge of pinnacle.
The cave on the fort is the best place to stay. It can accommodate 30-40 people. Keep all unnecessary luggage here and then start climbing.
Final summit of Lingan Fort Pinnacle. This is the topmost part of Lingana fort. A saffron flag is on the top. Pinnacle of Lingana Fort attains a towering height of 2,969 ft.