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Most Famous Ganesha In Pune Ganesh Festival

Ganesh Festival is one of the most famous Hindu festival celebrated in honor of Lord Ganesha in a grand way in various part of India. The celebrations starts on Ganesh Chaturthi in Hindu month Bhadrapada, generally lasts for 10 days, ending on the fourteenth day of the fortnight. This festival is celebrated with much passion and tradition in Pune and Mumbai.
The people welcome idols of Lord Ganesha into their homes on the first day and offer their prayers and sweets to the god for the next 10 days. Then on the last day, the idols are taken in a procession to a nearby water body for immersion. Pune Ganesh Festival is very popular and lakhs of people from all over India come to visit this magnificent celebration.
Ganpati celebrations in Pune have been celebrating since the days of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Lokmanya Tilak rejuvanted the Ganpati celebrations in Pune in 1893 with the hope of breaking the social barriers in a society. Ganesh festival in Pune is celebrated more traditionally. Entire city is in a festive mood, all streets, lanes & temples are decorated.
Ganesha Idol are not very huge like Mumbai but tradition is very important. Pune city has first five revered Ganesha (Manache Ganapati) which holds importance over others during the immersion ceremony. Priority wise these five Ganesha are Kasaba Ganesh, Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganesha, Guruji Talim Ganehsa, Tulasi Bagh Ganehsa, and Kesariwada Ganesha.
First Ganesha - Kasaba Ganesh Mandal. Established in 1893, this idol holds the status of presiding deity among all Ganesh Mandals in Pune. The Kasba Ganpati is the first one to be immersed . One must not miss splendid celebration of this Ganesh  Mandal immersion.
Second Ganesha of Pune Ganesha Festival - Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganesh Mandal. This is one of the Ganpati’s started by Lokmanya Tilak in 1893. This idol has remained the same since it’s inception and has been made by a single family over 4 generations. The celebrations at this temple are very traditional.
Third Manacha Ganapti - Guruji Talim Ganesh Mandal. This mandal has a unique history of being started by one Hindu and one Muslim family in 1887. It is oldest mandal in Pune which started even before Lokmanya Tilak revived the Ganpati festival. This mandal plays a crucial role in spreading communal harmony since it started.
Fourth Manacha Ganapati - Tulasibagh Ganesh Mandal. Tulshibaug Ganpati is the largest Ganpati idol in Pune and stands at 15 feet tall. 
Kesariwada Ganesh pandal was formed in 1893 by Lokmanya Tilak. Heirs of Lokmanya Tilak do all the rituals in Kesariwada (Resiidence of Lokamanya Tilak). It has the privilege of being the fifth most revered Ganpati in Pune. This Ganesha is famous for its social and cultural activities for children and other devotees.
Another most famous Ganesha of Pune Ganesha Festival is Dagadusheth Halwai Ganesha. It is most richest and popular Ganesha of Pune City. Deocration of this pandal is topmost and most lavish among all pandals of city. Dagduseth Halwai pandal plays an important role in identifying Pune’s cultural significance. 
Shri Sharada Ganesha idol from Akhil Mandai Ganesh Mandal is famous for its extravagant and beautiful decor. One must visit this pandal to see beautiful and elegant idol. This pandal is very popular.
Shrimant Bhausaheb Rangari Ganesh Mandal - This mandal was formed by Bhausaheb Laxman Javale so known as Bhau Rangari Ganesha. This is oldest public Ganesha of India. The idol of Lord Ganesha is in warrior form killing monster. This is very beautiful Ganesha Idol.