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Mesmerizing Devkund Waterfall

Devkund Waterfall is located near Bhira village. This trek to waterfalls has medium level difficulty. Devkund waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfall in India. Looking for a beautiful waterfall through jungle, then this is what you are looking for.
Devkund waterfall has gain popularity in these coming years. The trek to the waterfall is around 7 km one side.
Devkund waterfall is said to be conflux of three waterfall. You need a guide to accompany you for this trek as there is dense forest along the route.
It is about 3 hours long trek with medium difficulty level. But the result of the trek is just mesmerizing. Nothing can be more peaceful than just sitting there and watching this huge waterfall.
The difficulty level increases in heavy monsoon as you have to cross 3 river streams. Devkund waterfall is a hot spot in monsoon season. It is a recommended place to visit in monsoon.