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Korigad Trek - Thrilling One Day Trip To Near Pune And Mumbai

Korigad is a beautiful hill fort located at around 20 kms from Lonavala in Pune District of Maharashtra, India. This is one of best destination for one day treks or trip near Pune and Mumbai. The renown luxurious township of Aamby Valley is built over the fort's southern and eastern foothills. The closest village is Peth Shahpur about 1 km north of the fort.
Korigad fort is spotted into the lush green mesmerizing area of Aamby Valley city. This is one of best short trip during monsoon near Pune and Mumbai. Just a half day is required to complete this scenic trek.
For Korigad Trek, go to Peth Shahapur Village  near Aamby Valley. Some part of Trek route has a broad walkway and some part passes through dense forest.
Trace pass beneath dense tree arc with boulders all around is a amazing part of Korigad Fort Trek

Location: Peth Shahpur village, Near Aamby Valley, Near Lonavala, Maharashtra, India

Best Time To Visit: Korigad fort can be visited in any time of the year. Monsoon season is the ideal time to visit.

Difficulty Level: Korigad fort trek falls under easy grade trekking routes.

Elevation/Formation: 3049 feet (929 meter) above mean sea level.

After a walk of one hour through dense forest, we reach to base of Korigad fort. Then we need to climb uneven stone steps to reach top of Korigad Fort.
There are many shelters all along the trail, which helps to catch your breath. This is stone carved cave en-route Korigad trek.
Ganesh Darwaja (Door) – the entrance of Korigad Fort constructed in stones is good example of fort architecture.
An overview of Ganesh Door from top.
This splendid and radiant view shows main entrance door (Ganesh darwaja) from inside fort and a Buruj of bastion of Korigad Fort.
Western wall of Korigad Fort. Some of the structures on the fort are still intact and the views that one would get from the top are just splendid.
There are 2 Lakes on the Korigad fort. These are filled with water all the time, except in the summer season.
A temple to its patron goddess Koraidevi which has been renovated recently exists on Korigad Fort along with several smaller temples to dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva.
The Korigad fort has 6 six cannons among which the largest one is called Laxmi Toph and is located near the Koraidevi temple.
The interesting part of the Korigad fort is that its wall is completely intact and one can enjoy walking along the entire perimeter of the fort. 
Southern part of fort with magnificent view of Aamby Valley.
Some water tank was built in stone to store water for people living on fort.
exquisite, glorious, and magnificent waterfall with lush green wall of fort is a appealing part of korigad fort in monsoon.
History of Fort: Its date of construction is not known but likely predates 1500. During 1657 Korigad was captured by Shivaji Maharaj along with Tung, Tikona, Visapur, Lohagad Fort and few more. Twelve forts were kept with Shivaji Maharaj after the treaty of Purander, Shivaji Maharaj kept Korigad Fort with him which proves the importance of this fort.
History of Fort: March 11th 1818 , Col Prothar attacked Korigad Fort after three days of fighting with Valour by Mavalas, the British blew off the store room of ammunition using canon fire and the fort was lost to British on March 14th 1818.
Camping on Korigad Fort: This fort can be visited in any time of the year. Monsoon is best period to make this fort delightful and picturesque. Even a night trek during summer gives nice experience. There are lot of camping sites on the fort. There are three temples on the fort which provide ample cover. The Korai Devi temple can accommodate 25 persons