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Gigantic Kataldhar Waterfall Jungle Trek

Kataldhar Waterfall is a popular waterfall near Lonavala, Pune District. Apart from the routine places “Kataldhar Waterfall Trek” gives us the immense pleasure of Trekking. “Katal” means wall of Rock & “Dhar” means a Waterfall. Gigantic waterfalls of Kataldhar is falling from giant rock wall like a horseshoe shape. This is one of the most amazing experience.
In monsoon, the flow of splendid Kataldhar waterfall thunders down over the rocks, filling the air around you with a fine spray. Kataldhar is its hidden gem of Lonavala. Offering a thrilling and challenging route through slippery stretches and dense forests, Kataldhar waterfall has a breathtaking view.
When fog and walk come together, you get the opportunity to meet the nothingness! And such a meeting immediately increases your desire to meet the existence! Beautiful foggy road leads to Kataldhar  Watefall.
View of Kataldhar Waterfall From Rajmachi Fort. It is gushing over the rocks. At its widest point, it is surging and unging down the mountain.
Kataldhar waterfall trek offering a thrilling and challenging route through slippery stretches and dense forests. After 2 hours’ walk from the Lonavala Station, start descending the Ulhas valley. After 1.5 hours, trek starts through a Dense Forest. 

After reaching Kataldhar Waterfall you will see one eye shape cave. This is mesmerizing view of majestic Kataldhar waterfall from cave. Over 100 people can occupied in the cave. There is a hidden message in every waterfall. It says, if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you.

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This is a part of wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.
Traversing a dense forest filled with the sounds of nature with a challenge of adventure route is really to reach Kataldhar waterfall is lifetime experience. One must dive into the pools beneath the waterfall for a refreshing dip. It had a beautiful serenity-pool at the bottom.
Kataldhar Waterfall Trek:

Location: Kataldhar is located in Ulhas Valley near Lonavala on route towards Udhewadi Village base village for Rajmachi Fort. Trek starts from Fanasrai Village.

Best time to Visit: Waterfall available only during monsoon season and completely depends on rains. It go dry in summer.

Difficulty Level

Endurance LevelHigh