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Jog Falls- Enchanting Cascade In India

Jog Falls situated near the Sagara Karnataka. Jog falls is the the 2nd highest plunge waterfall in India and it also ranks 13th in the world for tourist attraction. Jog Falls is also called as Gerusoppe falls, Joga jalapatha in Kannada the local language.

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Extremely beautiful and picturesque location. This cascade flow is created by the Sharavathi river. This is a seasonal waterfall where you can come and enjoy this beautiful location.
 The unmatched beauty and magnificent of Jog waterfall brings enriching experience for tourists and there are steps to go in depth of the falls and getting this amazing vaporous sprays is a totally refreshing experience one must indulge in.
“If you are flexible, falling will not hurt you.” – Mehmet Murat Ildan. This what waterfall teaches us in life. Being beautiful is not the only thing, falling should never hurt you.