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Interesting Facts About Trans-boundary Ganga River

Ganga river is considered to be holy in Hinduism due to its pure water. Ganga river is worshiped in Hinduism as goddess and is dear to people as they consider her as their mother. Respect and love is all that is offered to the mother of the nation Ganga.
The Ganga is the the trans- boundary river that flows from Asia (rises from the western Himalayas flows from Asia and Bangladesh.)
Ganga is an important part of Indian culture and tradition. It is the 3rd largest river on the basis of the water discharged by it and no wonder it is considered to be holy.
The Himalayan river Bhagirathi and Alaknanda are another sacred rivers that meet at Devprayag to form Ganga. The Ganges is about 1,557 miles (2,506 kilometers)
Ganga river has 25% more oxygen level then other rivers making it more pure. Ganga is said to have special powers to kill bacteria.
There were some special test done on water of Ganga river and it was found that mosquitoes cannot be born in it.  From some other test result we found out that after mixing bacteria in water of Ganga, the bacteria's die within 3 hours.
World famous Ganga Aarti: Offerings to river Ganga