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Interesting Facts about Siberian City Of Students: Tomsk, Russia

Tomsk, a city in the eastern part of Western Siberia and located on Tom River, is the capital of the Tomsk Region. It is a major educational, scientific and innovation center of Siberia. One fifth population of this city is students. For those who love active lifestyle and sports , this dynamic city is best option. It is one of the oldest towns of Siberia.
Tomsk is a most charming and fascinating Siberian city most famous for its elaborate wooden houses. Most attractive feature of this city is attractive and colorful roofs of most of the houses. These colorful roofs gives a beautiful and splendid view of city.
Tramp route is major transport media of this city. Tramp route is between of all roads with colorful houses on both side. One must take a ride of tramp to see this charming and colorful city. This is  a view of avenue street.
The Epiphany Cathedral is a metropolitan church of the Tomsk eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. It was built in the style of Siberian baroque and consecrated in 1784. Khvostov, the first governor of Tomsk, made it the main church of the city.
A statue of Lenin in front of Tomsk's Cathedral of the Epiphany on Lenin Square. This is one of picturesque place of Tomsk.
Small but beautiful cathedral near Lenin statue at Lenin square.
Tomsk Coat of Arms Monument at the Lenin Square. The monument was unveiled in 2004 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city. This is also known as Blazon monument
Lutheran Church of Blessed Virgin Mary is in top of list of places to visit in Tomsk. It is the most beautiful structures of Tomsk wooden architecture. Against the pale blue sky and fresh greenery of the Buff Garden looks very nice. This church was originally made in stone. But it is renovated and rebuilt in wooden material.
The Tomsk ostrog is on Voskresenskaya hill rising above the river Ushayka and Lenin Square. In 1604 in this place there appeared a fortress significantly extending the Siberian possessions of Russia. It was built by the order of the Russian tsar Boris Godunov. The Tomsk ostrog is similar to the medieval Kremlin. The Tomsk ostrog was built during 1604.
Museum of History of Tomsk is located on the another historical place, Voskresenskaya mountain, place of the foundation of Tomsk city. In the museum you can get acquainted with the exhibits relating to the beginning of the history of Tomsk. The main feature of museum, is the lookout tower located offering magnificent 360-degree views of the city. 
The museum was opened on the city’s 400th anniversary. This museum retells the history of the city of Tomsk through a vast array of exhibits comprising artifacts, clothing, and other collectibles through the centuries.
The "Where Tomsk was Founded" marker at the Tomsk History Museum.
Another monument in area of Tomsk History Museum.
Bronze statue of the famous Russian author Anton Chekhov is one of the most famous city landmarks. It has soon become a symbol of Tomsk and a 'must-see' sight for every tourist. It is especially popular among students who believe that rubbing Chekhov's nose will bring them luck in exams.
Slavyanskiy Bazar restaurant at the bank of Tom river and opposite to Anton Chekhov monument is must see destination of Tomsk. This red building is decorated very nicely in complete European style.
Administrative buildings of Tomsk
This is Tomsk city administration building, which is marvelous example of Architecture. This picturesque building is located on Ulitsa Yelizarovykh road.
The profitable house of Shvetsov, the historical building built in 1833
The exquisite wooden architecture of Tomsk is a sight to behold, making it a must-do activity on any traveler’s itinerary. Wooden lace decoration is center of attraction of various houses in Tomsk.
Another example of wooden carving decorated building in Tomsk. Wooden architecture of Tomsk is masterpiece of these styles. These are extremely beautiful and very impressive. One must not miss selfie with these picturesque buildings.
Another example of wooden carving decorated building.
Colorful view of Tomsk city