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Famous Manipuri Folk Dance

Manipuri Folk Dance is very famous in Indian Tradition. It is so rich in culture of India. Today also the folk dances are performed in temple and religious occasion as part of culture and tradition. It is literally into bloods of the people of Manipur.
It is said that lord Shiva and his wife goddess Parvati danced in the valleys of Manipur In the holy light of Mani (Jewel). That is how it has come to be called Manipuri.
The collection of the folk dances is based on theme from the Vishnu Puranas, Bhagvata Puranas, and Geeta Govinda. Slow and gracious movements makes Manipuri stand out from other dance styles.
The traditional Manipuri dance style embodies delicate, lyrical and graceful movements. There are different folk dances in Manipur. 
Nupa Pula - It is complex form of the Manipuri style of dance and music.

Pung Cholam- also known as Mrindanga Kirtan or Dhumal or Dram dance. This style is performed with Drum (Mridunga)

Manipuri Raas Leela- The dance showsn love of Radha and Krishna as described in the Hindu scriptures & puranas. It is the famous form of the Manipuri Culture.

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