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Facts About Gir National Park, Gujarat: The Only Abode Of Asiatic Lion

Gir national park is a wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat, India. Gir is the only natural habitat in the world for popular Asiatic Lions. It is the perfect dwelling place for most of the wildlife creatures like leopard, antelopes, vultures, pythons, and various birds. It is established in 1965 to protect Asiatic Lions. It covers the total area of 1412 sq km.
At the end of the 19th century, only about a dozen Asiatic Lions were left in India, all of them in the Nawab of Junagarh's private hunting ground, Gir Forest.  British viceroys brought this endanger population of lion to the attention of the Nawab, who established the sanctuary. It is now considered the jewel of Gujarat's ecological resources.
Today, Gir National Park is the only area in Aisa where Asiatic lions occur and is considered one of the most important protected areas in Asia because of its biodiversity.
Gir Forests has a topography made up of successive rugged ridges, isolated hills, plateaus and valleys. Unlike the other big cats, lion is tolerant of the presence of human being and it even lives near the human settlements. As per census of 2015, the entire Saurashtra Region is inhabited by 523 Lions and more than 300 Leopards. 
The entire forest area of the Gir National Park is dry and deciduous which provides best habitat for Asiatic Lions. Even though the Gir Forest is well protected, there are instances of Asiatic lions being poached. Lions must be protected.
Because of his razor sharp teeth and powerful legs, she is the top predator in the jungle. Lioness resting in Jungle.
A royal walk of a royal family in a royal kingdom of Gir
The land of the Asiatic lion is the ideal reserve for the tremendous varieties of wild creatures to roam freely and safely. Leopard is another big cat of this area.
Leopard glowing, amber eyes in a terrain of Gir National Park.
Indian Golden Jackal is another attraction of Gir National Park.
Her fur is a flame and coal mix and she is powerful and fearless. Her glittering eyes says that she is one of the most beautiful creature of this planet.
Her muscles ripple when she walks.
Apart from these two animals the park is a home to two different species of Deer. The Sambar is counted largest Indian Deer.