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Coronavirus Pandemic Situation in New Delhi, India

New Delhi, capital state of India is also affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. Delhi has about 55 contaminated zones and in such areas rules differ then the normal hotspot areas.
Coronavirus has brought everyone close not physically but mentally and are giving a tough fight against virus. Delhi Government is taking all possible measure to control the spread of the virus in all the contaminated areas.
Every citizen of Delhi was asked to cooperate with Delhi Govt. operation called SHIELD.
  • S- Sealing of areas after geographical marking
  • H- Home quarantine of all people living in area
  • I - Isolation and tracing of who have been in first and second contacts
  • E - Essential supplies
  • L - Local sanitization
  • D - Door to door health checkups of contaminated areas.
A 5T-point plan is made to fight against coronavirus by the Govt.
  • Testing - 1 lakh rapid testing
  • Tracing - Tracing people that came in contact with the positive patients for 14 days
  • Treatment - If the corona positive no. crosses 30 thousand, there will be 8000 hospitals for the same
  • Teamwork - Everyone needs to stand together
  • Tracking -Tracking the work done
Contaminated areas are fully locked down including grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, ATMs and post office. Media is not allowed to enter any of the contaminated areas. All the essentials are provided to these areas by home delivery by government authorized delivery person only.
Delhi Govt is working hard to fight the virus. For poor people in need of food and night shelter the services can be searched on Google search.
Delhi Govt. did set up 568 Hunger Relief Centers in various schools and 238 night shelters for the needy. CM Arvind Kejriwal said that they have capacity of feeding 4 lakh people daily.
Various events and gathering of more than 50 people were cancelled by the Delhi Govt at a very early stage of the pandemic situation and then there was mass sanitization of public transport in Delhi
Migrants are been taken care at the food and night shelters in Delhi.
Delhi Govt. is about to carryout plasma transfusion trials to treat Coronavirus patients.
CM Arvind Kejriwal announced financial assistance of rs. 5000 to para- transit vehicles. Link given below for the same.
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Massive sanitization machines for sanitization of public places in Delhi. A great initiative by CM Arvind Kejriwal.
Night shelters for people in need in Delhi with proper social distancing and other precautions.
NGO's are providing online education in slums of Delhi. A great example of learning must never stop.
Sikh community is arranging langars (free meal) for needy, setting example that everyone is together here in this pandemic situation.
Due the pandemic situation Delhi is no longer thick with fumes.
With less pollution and less human involvement in nature birds are finally free. A picture of a peacock on roads of Delhi