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Coronavirus Pandemic Situation In Maharashtra, India

The corona pandemic situation has made a drastic impact on the world. Just like every other state, Maharashtra, India is fighting against it with all its power.


Like every other country India is dealing with the pandemic situation. Government took various steps to provide proper information of the virus and precautions that are to be taken to avoid getting affected by the virus.
At a very early stage Maharashtra and other states of India went under lockdown for 21 days (25th March- 14th April) making it one of the best decisions to fight against the virus. Looking at the further situation Maharashtra Govt. extended the lockdown till 30th April 2020 and later on PM Modi extended it to 3rd May 2020.
Though there is lockdown essentials services are been provided to the public but with proper social distancing and proper precautions.
The Maharashtra Government did set up 4573 relief camps sheltering 5,60,450 migrant labor & providing food to 7,36,939 migrant labor & homeless people. Many camps are set up for the poor and food service is provided to the patients and the quarantined people.
Various political parties are working for betterment of their people. Food items are been provided to the poor people, include cash transfers and food security.
Not just the Maharashtra Govt. but various NGO's and social organisations have come together in this pandemic situation for providing the essential food items and masks. Mumbai a most populated in Maharashtra, a Sikh community is arranging free food services for the poor. 

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Various places in Maharashtra have installed sanitization chambers. This was a much needed step for protection of frontliners.
This coronavirus pandemic did not just bring medical crisis but also economical crises. In this situation many businessmen and actors did donate a huge amount but let us not forget these two kids from Sangli, Maharashtra contributing their birthday celebration amount to CM relief fund.
Maharashtra Police is wining hearts over and over again. Being on the front-liner in this coronavirus situation head constable Mr. Shridarshan Dangre did not just helped people with his service but also with donating his bit.
Pune District Council announced food scheme (providing cooked food two times a day) for poor citizens, pregnant women and old people.
Mr. Ratan Tata never lets his country down in any such situations. Donated a huge amount for the pandemic situation. Here he did lit a lamp for PM Modi's ' 9pm 9min' appeal.
In India or worldwide, to support healthcare workers, daily wage earners and other adversely impacted by Covid-19, google provided a link for those who wants to contribute or donate. Link for India is given below.
Donate Via Google

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It is important to be positive in every situation and no wonder this super woman is giving us hands on example of positivity.