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Coronavirus Pandemic Situation In London, UK Extended 3 Week Lockdown

London has become hotspot for coronavirus pandemic in UK. This mega city along with nation is trying to come back from situation against covid-19. Best preventative measure taken by government is decision of extension of lock-down for 3 more weeks.
Extention of lockk-down was hard decision but there was no alternatives. Till mid April, there were more than 1 lakh positive cases of novel coronavirus registered and almost 4500+ deaths recorded in UK.
London has become hotspot in UK for coronavirus pandemic situation
In a week of matter, coronavirus has drastically chaged life in the London and UK. All streets become empty, schools are closed, and lockdown halted all public activities.
Nightangel hospital in London opened a dedicated COVID-19 unit. But now Cardiff's Principality Stadium - now acting as 2000 bed field hospital to ease pressure on the NHS from the coronavirus pandemic. This is 2nd biggest hospital.
Hon'ble PM Mr. Boris Johnson suffered from coronavirus. His test was positive on 27th March. He was battling the novel coronavirus and was even shifted to the ICU, has been discharged from the hospital after two weeks.
Prince Charles also suffered from mild symptoms of coronavirus. He spent seven days self-isolating in Scotland after testing positive. He is cured completely.
On Good Friday, A woman prayed at the door of Westminister Cathedral, which was closed due to the coronavirus.
People celebrated Easter at their home as entire world did. There were no gatherings at churches.
An Image of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and quotes from her historic television broadcast commenting on the coronavirus pandemic are displayed on a big screen at Piccadilly Circus in London.
A mural by street artists Lionel Stanhope with a face mask reference to coronavirus painted on a bridge wall in Ladywell
A group of deer making themselves at home at some residential areas in London during the nationwide lockdown to combat the novel coronavirus.
People in London used unique ideas on their front facade to spread message of stay home.
Famous singer Nick Lowe played a handful songs, 'In my room', from his home in London to promote stay home message.
South west London and St. George's Mental Health NHS trust has created a 24'7 mental health emergency department to support vulnerable patients in crisis as a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic.
A 106 year old lady, Connie Titchen, who was born in 1913, was diagnosed with coronavirus. She has become the oldest person in the UK to recover from Coronavirus.  She was admitted in Birmingham City Hospital and got discharged.

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Clap for our carers and thank you NHS
In UK, millions of people stood at their front doors and open windows, in gardens and on balconies, to raise a thunder of gratitude for those working on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus. This happened 4 time in UK till mid April.
Government is completing all works on empty streets during Lockdown.
Almost eateries are closed. Even most take away facilities are stopped.
Spring has already started. London has become beautiful. But there are no spectators.
All metro or train stations are empty
Trains are passangerless.
All Monuments are closed

All streets are empty

Let's have glimpses of empty streets of London, and other no man tourist attractions.