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Celebration of Goa Carnival 2020

Goa carnival is one of the few carnivals in Asia and only carnival celebration in India. It is a colourful and vibrant celebration before the onset of Lent. Goa carnival has over 500 years of history.
Goa Carinal is a pre - lent Carnival that marks four days of exhilaration, merry making and mayhem prior to lent.
Goa Carnival 2020 (Margaon)
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Goa Carnival origins date back to, when Goa was a Portuguese colony and it was a Catholic celebration. It is a riot of energy, colour extravagant dances, positive vibes, music performances and unmatched exuberance.
Goa Carnival is a favorite national event and is a big tourist draw, attracting thousands from all over India and around the world.
It is a unique carnival that shows off the wonderful Goan culture.
One of the prop from an act in Goa Carnival 2020.
The carnival is all about showing different thing and unique culture of Goa. A place where you can see art and culture coming together.
An act in Goa Carnival 2020 at Margaon (Madgaon).
You get to wear extremely funky clothes and accessories like masks, hats, colourful wigs, that adds up to the atmosphere that of the carnival.