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Best Time To Visit Goa

Goa is a coastal region situated in the western part of India and is very famous and popular tourist destination. There are many reasons to visit Goa. Goa is just very famous for its own culture. It was ruled by Portuguese in past for a long time , so you can see that influence there with so touch of Indian Culture.
Best time to visit Goa is from mid-November to mid-February. In this time you get to see all the kinds of fun that goes around. You not only enjoy parties but also the cool weather December you get to witness amazing parties, celebration like no where in the country. Christmas and New are celebrated and lakhs of people are their in Goa for this time being.
Things you get to see in Goa are-
  • Beautiful Beaches - You get crowded beaches in the northern side whereas calm and peaceful beaches in south.
  • Carnival- Every year in February Goa comes together to celebrate carnival, just like the Portuguese era.
  • December Celebration- 25th December and New year is everything that you need to see, if you are a party animal.
  • Watersport- There is no such water sport that you wont get in Goa. 
  • Churches and Old Goa- There are number of churches in Goa and the for people who love peace and beautiful architecture then everything you need to see is there in old Goa. 
  • Casino- Another thing for men to like Goa is the casino. It is the Las Vegas of India. 
  • Cheap Alcohol- What do party freak people need? Cheap alcohol, casino and everything is sorted.
There are many such things in Goa that people need to see. For party freak people to nature lovers, Goa offers you everything.