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Best Things To Do In The City Of Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, city of the Midwestern state of Michigan, is a destination for everyone for its classic attractions, historical wonders and family destinations. Detroit inspires year-round with an array of sights, sounds, people and places. In the 20th century the city became synonymous with the American automotive industry, giving it the nickname "Motor City."

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Ambassador Bridge

This tolled suspension Ambassador Bridge was the longest suspended central span in the world until Goerge Washington Bridge. Gives you a serene view of the Detroit river while, you are on your drive.

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Detroit Institute of Arts, USA
Detroit Institute of Arts is situated in the Midtown Detroit. It has large and worthy art collection in the United States.The architectural style of the museum was Italian Renaissance.

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Belle Isle Bridge in Detroit
Belle Isle bridge is now officially called as MacArthur Bridge. The bridge consists of nineteen total arches across 2,193 feet.

The Henry Ford Museum Detroit

National Historic landmark, The Henry Ford Museum Detroit is a huge outdoor and indoor museum. The museums contains all the precious historic collection like the presidential limousine, Abraham Lincoln's chair from the Ford's Theater and many more likely exhibits. The museum began  as Henry Ford started collecting his personal collection of historic objects.

Belle Isle Park Detroit

Belle Isle Park is nothing but an island in Detroit River. There are various beautiful and amazing monuments like Belle Isle Aquarium, Belle Isle Conservatory, Belle Isle Nature Centre and many more like them. The main attraction on the island is the Dossin Great Lakes Museum which consists of one of the largest collection of model ships in the world.

GM Renaissance Centre Detroit

GM Renaissance Centre Detroit is also called as RenCen, is a group of seven interconnected skyscrapers. The modern architectural style complex consists of shopping centres, restaurants, brokers and banks. The structure is also termed as a city inside city.

Comerica park

Comerica park situated in Detroit is an open baseball park. It is home of the Detroit Tigers.

Historic Fort Wayne

Historic Fort Wayne is located in the city of Detroit, Michigan on the Detroit river. The fort is around situated on about 96 acres. The fort was unused after it was built many years. But after increase in wars the fort was used for many purpose according to the war needs.